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Hello there, ah yes, we meet again. To those of you who follow our community still to this point, I surely do thank you. It means a lot, no matter of what your stance is on the current pause that is happening, I really appreciate that you are still with us. I haven't seen this editor for a good few months, and for me personally a lot has happened, like a lot of stuff, mostly negative stuff, but there were some major positives going on there as well. How have you all been keeping?  What has lead me to decide that I will not write articles for a few months is a lot happening my life, like starting my full time job and primarily the lack of activity that has been going on as well. What has lead me to decide to write this today is just missing typing those articles for you all. We gotta keep moving to that #100. After all, will always be able to look back at these times and just enjoy that better times have came, isn't that right? This article isn't going to have much news from the general side of the game, but more from us, the community side. You can also expect some maps; although. If you aren't too keen on the more personal side to the community and would like some more concrete stuff, you can get disappointed through this release, so I'd just like to clarify that this article won't be too exciting for the majority of you fine people.
[Image: NAA0pC9.png]
Thank @'TC|Cherrys  for that awesome logo, not me!

[Image: QYTEs0g.png?1][Image: ebquPJY.png?1] [Image: bFW5AVv.png?1]
As you can see, I have posted multiple images above. I have posted them in hope that they will all be like eye candy for you all, they surely are for me. And I would like to thanks the artists for creating them. First of all, the first two images are made by the locally unknown but fantastically talented individual @iMeMPlayZ.  So, the story with that is as follows: I have created a small little announcement on our Discord a few days ago asking for you guys to create something for us, if it is possible. I haven't really said what it was for, but it was most likely quite obvious for you all to guess. But, a few days after the announcement the man himself has posted that he has done these from SCRATCH, and I was shocked, he hasn't used any templates or anything similar of such sorts.  So, if he is interested, I will continue negotiating with him for further work with us in the community. Well done to him, and what do you think about his work?

The second piece of art is made by @'TC|Cherrys. He has also made an absolutely fantastic job with the art he has made, it's dynamic, there is a lot going on and it is really clean. I love that. Cherrys is our guy for doing art, inside-community wise kinda way, and at the same time, I've always thought he had amazing skill and some good experience which I am helping him to build up through requesting such images. It is great to see a person progress with their skills. Thanks to the two of the guys for this absolutely stellar piece of art you guys have brought. In all honesty, without you two, I wouldn't be able to fill this article up as much as I would personally like it to be filled up.
[Image: wffpcQ7.png?1]
So, this is something that hasn't happened on the news before. But this is indeed community-related news! Something absolutely spectacular has happened recently. So, if any of you old guys from DM remember Ron, the legendary mapper, the legendary man, the legendary friend and now the legendary husband has gotten married! Ron has had a huge influence on the DM community and how the maps were structured, he also is an amazing man and a great friend who has came back to us in TC recently. I have thought that it would be very important to share that he has gotten married some time ago with his beautiful wife. No matter if you know Ron from his maps, or you are new in the community and know him, hell if you don't know him, congratulate him, I have followed him for years, since I was a young kid, absolutely fan-boying about his new maps when they each one came out and now I am able to share this news from him towards you all. A great feeling. I personally wish you two all the best, like all the best that there is, may there be a huge amount of strength, wisdom and love in your life. 


Well, if it isn't Cosa Nostra for today, I don't know who is! Cosa Nostra has always been a mapper whom we all followed back in the day, I believe that most of us have followed the mapper and played the maps very frequently back then. When I say 'back then', I am referring to the times at which we all have kind of enjoyed playing the game the most. 2012-2015, times as such, for example. When it comes to this map itself, first of all, it is amazing to see. This is a typical Cosa Nostra map when it comes to the smoothness and the feeling of the overall play-through. Although the atmosphere is lovely. I love the theme of blue in this map and how simplistic it looks. The right amount of deco was used for a Cosa Nostra map and this surely was an enjoyable watch. Cosa Nostra, if you are reading this, you should know that I always sucked at your maps, but I always played them with a passion, it always felt like a great challenge to me to get as far as I could in your maps. This sounds funny, but yeah, that's just how bad I am ; ) 

I'm gonna keep it short: This map is metal, it is great, has a fantastic feeling to it, and overall badass and sh*t! \m/ @BriaN
a masterpiece btw, well done you guys!!!

So, on this note, we come to and end of this news release. I cannot tell you when you can look out for the next. But I am going to try for the next time to bring you something server related. I have the ability to be able to bring you something for the next time with a high certainty. Therefore, you can count on something and know that I am going to try and bring you a practical piece of news. It is late, I am tired, going off to work tomorrow, life couldn't be any better! I hope you all out there are safe, keeping healthy and please update me on what's up in your life, and how its all going, I genuinely am interested. Until next time my friends, keep it legal! 
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ron <3

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Ron the OG drunk man, I wish you a life full of love and happiness with your wife Heart

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Yo, gz roni you're so far ahead of most of us , me being the next in line in marrige, yikes next year no more MTA x), I wish you the best my cyka and a life filled with everything good <3

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Congratulatiosnsosn roni

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Wish you the best in your real life generally, and in your new job specially. @'TC|Nathan
I hope to see new exciting things what will bring back the JOY into the game again.
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Congratulations, Ron.
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Gz Ron1! I wish you happiness in your family! Wink
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