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Hello, hi, yes I'm still alive, just busy with real life stuff and cool projects, but I'm still here managing this awesome team which is the best community I've ever seen in my almost 10 years career in this game. Because of this, I'm proud and happy to announce the next trials of The Crew Gaming,which hopefully will become a core part of our family and stick with us even in darker times. So without further ado, this is the list of the new guys:

  • Ron1
  • SandwaveZ
  • Founder
  • Beyond
  • Claw

Some of them are familiar faces, some of them are new, but for sure with all of them we can build great things together. I expect from them to give their best to the clan, skills, ideas or activity, because by only being proactive we can be at the top of the scene. Hopefully we will have a great time together and that they will boost our competitive side, especially DM, in the upcoming events and matches.

Also the server will be done when it's done, thanks for asking 1-2 :*

Thanks for sticking 'till now guys, bye and see you soon, maybe even on our server haha!
Congratulations to new slaves, well deserved.

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Congratulations guys.

#Accept_Ron1, mbrouk claw : d

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Sadly the chance is given to some people. Even when others deserve it the same as them. But dont lose hope, keep trying !!!

I need your second JR <3

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Gz guys!
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Ah shit, here we go again. 


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Congratulations guys XD

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Welcome trials, enjoy your time until you retire.

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gz mofoker

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Congratz and welcome home. 

@NAiiF Don't give up bish
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