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Ahh yes, here we go again. Hello there guys, welcome back to yet another release of the news! And lately, a little less daily than we were hoping to but that fits in the general local theme of waiting around. What have we been doing? Well, there has quite a bit been happening in the community but today we have some more updates for you that I hope to share with you. Last time we have seen each other in February, at the start with the previous 75th release and at the end with a small update. Both threads have been brought to you by @'TC|nuRdy. He has done very well. I, at the time have been doing my mock exams and next month in June, I will be having my final exams which thereafter will bring some extraordinary changes to my life. Less on that anyway. We are here now in May, in the midst of the Spring season. So please join me for a quick and yet exciting for some of us in the crowd release today.
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[Image: yp15Bt9.png]
Yes, you all are correct as you people who have been following us in the past for an extensive while do know what it means when I insert the plain TC logo right at the start of the article. This is correct, we've got some very much new fresh meat! We would like to welcome in some new faces today to our community. So please gather around and get excited as today we welcome:

-MaTTeX (@'TC|MaTTeX99  )
-PaVcIoo (@'TC|PaVcIoo )
-Ceeser   (@'TC|Ceeser  )

And uhh, yeah.. hi! These guys here are the elite when it comes to experience in this game, they've all been playing for a long period of time and I have met them previously in my career personally. We hope that you all behave and enjoy your time here in our community. So please, give them chaps a warm welcome.

[Image: sPuGTmU.png]
Ace Verso, we have decided that it is extremely important to cover something as fresh as what these guys are delivering to us. WW is doing an absolutely stellar job making us all hyped for what is about to come when it comes to that particular community. And in this thread here, WW is bringing to us an update when it comes to two features. The map uploader and the map testing process. He has also told us of an exciting Map Income feature which is something that I have been looking forward to seeing myself for the past years. It pretty much is rewarding the author of a certain map every time the map is purchased by the players in the form of server money income. This is something brand new and we always love seeing brand new things as a big group of people who follow this scene. So, thanks very much to the whole AV team and WW of course for providing us with a topic for today.
        [Image: jgHaTvQ.jpg?2][Image: nDDvCfz.jpg?2]
You may wander what these are, well that is a good thing to ponder about... well, have you took your guess? I will tell you as of now, a while ago from now Mirage has shared some sneak peeks for all of us when it comes to Vultaic. Vultaic are doing quite well as a community and as a server, I have been visiting them at times and I have enjoyed my overall experience there thus far. These sneak peeks are surely looking exciting and we hope to see some more things from you all soon as well. If you would like full HD pictures of these, you can press on each picture to get a better quality version of each of those images, of course.. they are blurred for a reason :-) 

 BriaN Ft Skaarj Ft FachX Ft Rampage - Dark Saints II
This map has made me speechless, quite literally. Dark Saints. It has been a while since this map has been released although, the perfection and the absolute experienced MTA DM Mapping craftsmanship is insanely well carried out in this one. I would be insulting @BriaN  and the crew for not putting this map up in this article today. People might indeed have mixed opinions about this map but what I can say is that this map simply outperforms any map thats been released this year or even the past two years. And yes, I am saying this because for me what has made the map is the pace and the absolutely slick and unbelievably smooth flow to each part and how well the timing feels between each transition and jumps between parts. There is just so much to talk about! The parts themselves, the pacing has been controlled super well and the style... the style of the map reminds me of the map 'X-Games' which is one of my favourites and it is at the very top for me when it comes to map ranking. But this map, this map does indeed take the cake as it takes me back into each modern period of my career and jumps out at me every time I see it or play it.  Ahh, so much to say about this map, but thank BriaN and the crew for this masterpiece. ElCrow has made an amazing job presenting this map as well, the quality of everything is just top notch. BriaN, thanks for delivering us with just the greatest work ever throughout this strange era in MTA at the moment. A wedding cake, with double cherries on top, some cream and with additional dressing is all I will say to evaluate my word about this map.

          ZinC. V12 - High Capacity 3
What can I say about this one, eh? I can surely say with confidence that ZinC didn't get enough attention in our local hood here. ZinC is a highly experienced individual with a broad range of maps to select from. He has made some simpler maps to begin with, then he moved onto creating some HDM's which ya know, I am not the biggest fan of. This map although seems to be a great balance between his previous work and his experience. The third edition of High Capacity is not the easiest but it fits with the theme of the previous two maps and it does indeed show off the experience that ZinC has. This map surely is a map to enjoy if you were me. And also, ZinC... well done to you for continuing on your great legacy.


I also would like to give a special shoutout to the man, the myth and the legend @'TC|RiseR  who at the end of March has put together a reel of the past two years when it comes to his MTA creations including intros, cinematics and other things like that! It really is cool to see it all put together with some music in the background and of course with now a near professional touch of editing skills and experience that our friend RiseR has of course. Go and check him out, make sure to stay up to date with his creations as well.
And, ladies and gents.. here we are. At the end of this release. For all of you reading on the evening of the release, I sincerely apologise for releasing this article so late but you know, things happen. As I have said before, it is a busy time for me incoming. Until June 25th I will be busy with exams as they start exactly on the 5th of June. But, school then will be finished. I, after that or even before that will hope to arrive to you with some more news. If I will not be able to do that, surely a person like nuRdy will be able to come up and help us again if needed as he surely is capable of doing so. (and he gives you all cookies as well... so you can't miss out on that) I would also like to give a shoutout to @'TC|DarkyZ As he brought me a huge amount of support for this release as well. I hope you all out there are all good and healthy. I wish you all the very best of luck in whatever you are doing, if you are having college or high school exams, good luck with that as well! I'm with you on that one. Well everyone, that would do for this one. Stay safe and watch out for some more news coming to you soon enough!
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Second ;-;

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It's been a while since we read your magical words Nate, and yes, good luck in your exams and i hope you pass them easily.
From the other hand, congratulations to the new fresh&blood. I hope you enjoy your stay !
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OwO good to see you around Nathan! and good luck with your exams.

Still 1-2 days -.-

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Well written Nathan!, Also congratulations to new trials!

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Welcome to the fam @'TC|PaVcIoo @'TC|Ceeser and @'TC|MaTTeX99
As always its a delight to read some good old news by nathan. 

Hopefully near the future we might some TC related updates " maybe ".

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Welcome to our friendly family! @'TC|PaVcIoo @'TC|MaTTeX99 @'TC|Ceeser I wish you nice memories here.
Great written @'TC|Nathan, we're waiting for more :3

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Wow Thanks Family <3

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Thank you for the warm welcome and I will try to support you with all my strength!

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