Small Hustlers Crew vs. The Crew

Created by Tomba120

Clan name: Small Hustlers Crew
Contact details:  tomasbogar13 (skype)
Type of competition:  DM
Server:  SHC clanwar
Date & time:  we'll discuss

'TC| Players

'TC| Reserves

'TC| Maps

SHC// Players

SHC// Reserves

SHC// Maps

The Crew Gaming reserves the right to change the rules. If there is a game that is going to be held and rules will be changed, we are obliged to inform the opponent about the affair.
By Posting a Clan War request against us you agree to use our rules, however it is possible to negotiate the rules for a particular game with us either privately or in the public thread you posted to challenge us.

• Only clan's representatives are allowed to speak on the main chat (up to 3 persons for each party)
• Verbal abusement towards anyone is forbidden.
• Speech of hate is forbidden.

• Both teams agree together for someone to referee who is not associated with any of the parties.
• Any kind of cheating is disallowed.
• FPS limit: 52
• Max Ping: 300
• Each team is able to pick up to 2 HDM maps. Over buggy maps are not accepted
• Maps have to be revealed up to one week before the match day. Othwerise the game is cancelled or date is changed.
• Team lineups have to be revealed up to one week before the match day and cannot be changed. (Please be certain about your players. If some of your members are not able to be present at the match day that is not our fault).
• Shortcutting is disallowed (skipping vehicle pickups, skipping the whole parts).
• Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
• Waiting for nitro is allowed.
• Camping is disallowed.
• Spraying both the driving cars and hunters is disallowed.
• Backshooting while getting hunter (spawn killing) is disallowed.
• Performing any hostile action against any other player using hunter when there was no countdown is disallowed.
• Shooting the drving vehicles is allowed. It is also allowed to shoot the cars when there was no countdown done.
• Spraying is not allowed. (3 shots per 5 seconds)


• Breech of any chat rules result with an expulsion from the server
• Cheating - Player gets banned from the server without a possibility of replacing him.
• Shortcutting, Camping - sPlayer gets blown up. It is optional for the opposite team to get the point for that particular round.
• Spraying - Player gets blown up. It is optional that a participant will be removed without a possibility without replacing him if player sprays heavily. Also if an opponent perishes due to heavy spray, opposite team gets the point.

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Declined, our DM squad isn't ready for cws.

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