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Dear The Crew Gaming Community :

-Hello guys , my name is abderrahmane ghamnia and my nickname is xFrox i am frox Algeria and i live in oran in a city called Es-Senia i am currently 17 years old.

I am playing mta since 2014 i started play freeroam's and zombies  servers after 1 year i found ffs So i started play on it i became skilled play on OldSchool And Shooter gamemode and after that i found the 3literacers server i finished devlope my skills there and now i am introducing my self here hhh.

Ok , now i am waiting TC's Users to welcoming me here.

Thank You , Yes you for reading my introduction.


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Hey. Welcome to our community. Enjoy your stay.
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Hey abderrahmane. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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thanks. xd you can call me frox

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