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Thanks Cherry for the design!

Hey folks, it's your average and friendly news writer here , @'TC|nuRdy , about to reveal something that will hopefully excite you and get you hyped for what's to come. Sadly, there hasn't been much action in the MTA community, thus making this thread not worthy to be part of the TCN trilogy. We've come to the conclusion that maybe next time we will have an even more special TCN for all of you to enjoy, but don't you worry because as soon as everything starts rolling again, so will your favourite news source. This does not mean this "small update" will not include some of the most interesting and intriguing material out there right now. I will be talking about some development updates on one of the features with a little sneak peak, I'll just remind you again that this sneak peak does not show the entirety of this project and only a small bit of it. In this small little update I will also be mentioning the new trials and this new upcoming and promising game-mode by our very own @'TC|Krzysztof . I promised you guys cookies, so you guys better be ready for these cookies cause I never break my promises.

I know, I know, it's crazy isn't it? This will be the second version of xiMusic (as he likes to call it). This update to the music player that we were and will have on the server was long overdue. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had no problems with the one we used to have but it just wasn't stable enough. Being connected and dependent on Spotify and Youtube to work, it was very necessary for these two to function properly without any changes. With the not so recent updates it wasn't possible to run xiMusic at all, which is when we decided to switch it up and found a solution. This new redesign has really made it ten times better. You can actually compare the two designs side by side, to see what has changed [Click Me]. Now you actually have the ability to make your own playlist of whatever music you like and lots of other new features that we decided not to show but will be included as well. There is literally any and every song out there that you can listen on this thing. Don't you just love that little heart symbol you can press. Guess what, this will all be at the palm of your hands in MTA very soon and I can't wait to tell you all about it. [1-2 days]

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We both know what comes after the TC logo, get your cookie jars ready. I couldn't wait any longer to announce these fine folks, so here we go. The following people listed bellow are one of the most talented people that we have decided to accept and in some cases promote from Destruction Derby testing period to full trials. Showing their skill and capability of understanding the game-mode for what it is, really made us want to give them all a chance at the big boys table. I wish you all the very best of luck while you endure your stay with us. I don't know how @'TC|Nathan usually does these, but I guess let's just jump right into them. Welcome and kudos to each and every one of you!

DeLeTeTalented and skilled.
ChaosClever and ambitious.
LuminaireTough and determined.

RoadRunnerMasterful and gifted.
SlipstreamDexterous and energetic.
StydexEnthusiastic and fit.

NazdravjaPatient and calm.

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Again thanks to Cherry for the design!

This is another addition to the small update thread and it includes this new game-mode that will be coming very soon. This will of course be playable on TC but we'll see how things turn out. You'll definitely hear more about it soon. Let's just jump right into it and hear a little more about it from @'TC|Krzysztof  himself who created the whole thing:
"Deathrace is an advanced game-mode where racing is being turned into pure battlefield. It is extended version of two well known modes - race and shooter. By extended I mean 25 exclusive power-ups with striking animations and sound effects. In addition there is upgrade system - killing opponents enables you to buy powers or upgrade weapons. Deathrace is good material not only for daily games with friends but also for clan-wars and various events. After first tests the mode looks really promising!"
So yeah, this is gonna be big and I'm excited to give this a try. Cannot wait to hear more about it and of course report it to you guys right here.

That's about it for this small little necessary update. I hope you enjoyed the contents. I cannot wait to be reporting back to you guys on the next official TCN. We know that sometimes the amount of time you have to wait to get a chance to be on this team can now and again be unbearable, but for us at TC, this gives us the best of the best. The ones who are left behind still patiently waiting are the ones we like because "Patience Is The Key To Everything". I really hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. I'd also like to mention that you guys shouldn't lose hope for us, just yet. We are slowly but surely making things move and cannot wait to update you more on everything. This has been an honor to announce and reveal it all. Until next time, sayonara boys!

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Really appreciate the opportunity. Also congratulations to the rest of the trials, truly deserved. Looking forward. 

P.S Finally @Qashqai will stop bullying me.
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Welcome new trials enjoy u stary,  and again well written @'TC|nuRdy we want more!
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New cookies !
Here's a hearty welcome, big and warm enough to encompass you all.
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Well deserved!

Congrats to the other trials!

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Grand job the past few weeks, I'll be back at some point, lol.

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Congratulations new trials yall deserved this opportunity don't waste it :v.

DeathRace? Sounds amazing good luck with it.

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Well written news nuRdy! Finally the awaited news are here wohoo! 
Congratulations to the new faces really you guys deserved this chance! Big Grin

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Congratulation to new trial members also Thanks nurdy for the small update xd :p

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