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This is a discussion topic if I'm not wrong, yea. So this topic is about sharing your owned car and bikes if you own any of course, you're free to share your thoughts.
Here I start,

Some Pictures I took on the phone

Recorded a video, sound of a V8 exhausts I couldnt accelerate because the road was kinda freezing and I'm afraid to break the car.

Thank you for watching the video leave a like if you wish to give any
Dislike the video if you didnt like it, and You're free to share any tips to improve my future recordings

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Get on my level @Greenx.

[Image: LAMBO_RIDE_CAR_1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1492746873]
[Image: giphy.gif]

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[Image: 9UGIje1.jpg]
[Image: SE7ImMF.jpg][Image: VTXyOnD.jpg]
[Image: EYeRJKs.jpg]
[Image: kvlB4oW.gif]

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Nice car zmany, I smoke it in the freeway drag race

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What is the exact model?
[Image: kvlB4oW.gif]
X5 Sport
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