The Crew News #75 - It's always easy the second time!

Created by nuRdy

damn well written Nurdy xd

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Well written!

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Well done nurdy but trials are still missing e.e

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No trials Sad(? That's ok, Nurdy good to see you back and well done ma boi.

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I like cookies, how did you know

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well written but no trials, didnt expect that :/

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Always great news!
Well written @'TC|nuRdy Tongue 
Where trials? Sad , Next time stay with us!
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Aweasome work nurdy, also congratulations to new trials!

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Nurdy broski well written! :3 

2k19 is TC's moment to shine!!
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I actually like this TCN by nurdy a lot more than the nathan ones he did lately, no doubts nathan is still the best TCN boi out there, but it seems like nurdy had a lot of fun writing this while nathan TCNs looks a bit effortless here and there. Nevertheless, well written nurdy

much love

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