Forum & Website Changelog (Latest update: 29.01.2019)

Created by Xiti

The Crew Gaming 2.0 Website & Forum is finally live. After almost 3 years of initial release it was about time to update such critical aspect to our beloved community. Every feature described in @'TC|Nathan's topic Xmas Surprise! is currently available and free to use. Sunday was the time when our forum such as website were set free without even single menton or thread. With the help of members and some users I was fixing rest of bugs what have been found by them. Today I can finally say that its ready and probably without annoying bugs, but if you find some weird behavior or glitch please report it in that section.

Special thanks to:

  • @'TC|M4RT1N - Board descriptions, translation fixes, suggestions and a lot of bugs reports
  • @'TC|Krzysztof - Icons and motivation
  • @'TC|nuRdy - A lot of bug fixes, suggestions and tips
  • @'TC|Kube and @Luminaire - A lot of bugs related to unexpected behavior in mobile version
I would like to thank @'TC|Zmany, @'TC|EmiX, @'TC|DonJohn and @'TC|Raven for their contribution with development.

Changelog 29.01.2019:

  • Fixed forum feed problem with fetching threads and post from boards with custom permissions
  • Added social links in footer
  • Fixed a lot visual bugs in desktop & mobile version
  • Changed a lot of grammar mistakes
  • Reorganized forum structure and get rid of some unused boards
       and some small changes not worth mentioning.

There could be a lot of more cause plenty of changes and new features wasn't even mentioned, but we let you discovering these by yourself. 
This thread going to be updated in future.

Kind regards, The Crew Gaming.
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