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This movie left me breathless...!!
This movie took me to different place, it was totally out of this world… The damn movie touched my heart and when something touches your heart, your eyes are filled with nothing but streams of tears !

I had goose bumps by thinking that what if its true, what if the fact that the way you feel about someone is because you have met that person before but due to some unknown energies your memories got erased…but your feelings are still intact, thats why you have that strong connection with that particular person…woah

The plot line is amazing, and it is actually pretty hard to spoil the movie for someone. I thought the movie would end at some parts, but it kept going with more enjoyment. At first, it may seem a bit confusing because of the time switching thing, but it is easier to understand as you keep watching it. It is also has the typical anime humor in it which I enjoy time from time. I also enjoy how the director used the combination and fantasy. The two main characters, Mitsuha and Taki, are also really well developed. They are probably my favorite anime ship there is because of their well developed characteristics; they are extremely easy to relate with. I would recommend it to anyone especially anime lovers. Because it is in my opinion everything from the visuals to the storyline and the gas concur to make it one of the greatest anime movie ever of all categories and not only of Japanese animation.

Anna Chi - Kritit Pant ( cpd )

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is one of the anime movies that I like the most <3

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