Xmas Surprise!

Created by Nathan

Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you guys are in the world, of course. It is me again, possibly for the last time of this year with some news and hopefully something that will bring a smile to you on this day!
    [Image: 5qKGkbi.jpg]
So, today we will be bringing you some screenshots as well as the release date for the forum and the website. I will not be typing too much today as well, the screenshots are pretty self-explanatory themselves! Brace for impaaact!
[Image: a3y1QD4.png]

[Image: pOejgOy.png]

[Image: n4ycHHq.png]
So that is it! Hopefully you guys like it and the release date for this absolute work of art is;
Yep! And in early January, we mean the very start of January so very soon after the new years!
Finishing this short bit of news, we appreciate your love and support throughout this ending year of 2018 and we hope that you stick with us in 2018, as well.. yeah, you don't imagine how fast things are going to kick off right after the new year's. If you celebrate Christmas, go and enjoy it with your families as much as you can, show yourself love, warmth and all that good stuff! Eat some fantastic food, but not too much, of course. And as for the new years, don't party too hard! But enjoy it, as every year. I wish each and every single one of you the best out of the next year and even if you won't see me around, hope all of you take care and strive in whatever it is you guys want to strive in. It is all about turning negativity into positivity through creativity. Anyways, enjoy yourselves during this festive time and Happy Holidays!

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I like!

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Holy fuck I’m early, Merry christmas. Nathan, you’re killing it man<3 Love ya’ll!!

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Ufffffff, Cant wait!! <333 Amazing news!

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Merry X-mass and happy new year!

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khe an epic forum, it's amazing, great work guys!

and merry christmas.

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Can't wait this.. amazing update!

And Merry christmas! <3

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Well Written News Nathan & Merry Xmas TC Community! Big Grin

Can't wait to see the new forums interface!

Sincerely, Counting Master TheDragoN!

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Very nice written and start to be very positive about everything!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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