The unveiling of a person with an empty promises

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I do not think I ought to introduce the person that this topic will be concerned to. The person I am going to have a presentation about is Xiti the owner of this community. You might know about the situation between Xiti and nTL but if not let me explain; A while ago, we have asked Xiti to make a server for us, of course for money. One of our member, RakuzaN paid a quite high-value prize for him just to fulfill our expectations and make a stable and joyful server with the adequite circumstances. We have thought, this project is going on the right way and we will get the opportunity to establish a server that will everyone come for fun. Unfortunately, this did not happen for some reason... This reason is; Xiti could not provide anything but empty promises. The server was promised to be done in the second week of September, in 2017. We did not get anything till this day and I do not think we will get anything. I would just like to ask, what does it count for? Poor RakuzaN wasted his money for nothing. Will happen anything or we were just scammed? Although we sent lots of messages to him via PM on this site, I guess sometimes he must be online, yet we did not receive any respond from him. I am quite sure he will see this topic and we hope for answers or excuses for whatever he is doing, also It would be appreciated if the topic was not deleted. Cheers! 

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Nothing will be deleted, cause its not secret that i typed scripts for NTL, also have some real life reasons why i don't have access to Discord yet and the only PM message you left here was typed yesterday and just read it and replied to it. You didn't wanted to contact me via forum or mail for few months so though that you are just waiting. The only way to contact me for past months was only via phone, mail and recently forum. Don't wanna to share why cause its private stuff, but sometimes there are more important stuff than some MTA game and i had to make some choices and have to live with it now. Right now everything goes to normal and you should get your delayed things before Christmas.

Sorry for let you wait so long, understand that could be exhausting and pissing off.

PS: Thanks for Krzysztof for telling me about that thread cause i would miss it too.

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Glad to hear that we will be waiting for it also when you done you can message RakuzaN or me via discord :- Natsuki#0475 or RakuzaN#9073

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