Cheetahs Battle: Schedule 1st stage

Created by Matrex

Hey guys now it's time to start the tournament, below you will find bracket and everything for elimination rounds. Good luck and have fun everyone!

[Image: img]

Match 1: Immortal Souls vs Saints ( 12 - 16 for Saints )
Match 2: The Crew vs Freddy's Nightmares ( 15 - 5 for The Crew )
Match 3: Km Gaming vs Originals Skilled Drivers
Match 4: Veni Vidi Vici vs Continue of Zealous
Match 5: RELAX Crew vs Vest Golden Knights 
Match 6: Vengeance vs Need For Speed ( 18 - 2 for Need for Speed )
Match 7: Nitrous Racing vs Die Kekse  ( 14 - 6 for Die Kekse )
Match 8: The Three Horsemen of Apocalypse vs Most Valuable Players
Match 9: Empire of Racers vs Elite Crew ( Pre-Elimination )

If you made a registration request for tournament when we already reached the maxium number of clans 16 of 16, just be ready to change someone then

Dont forget to read Rules and Details (Clickable)

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