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Results of the Off-Competition stage can be found below this post.

I hope we didn't take too long to start the competition but it was really hard to set up organizing plans to try and make this tournament a fun experience for everyone participating in it, Please read the whole thread carefully so you don't miss on anything as i will explain every stage in the tournament and how it will all go.

Players & Teams

[Image: Bulgaria-Flag.png]
(1) Bulgaria: zrc, Reebok, Geminat0r (Captain), Away

[Image: Czech-Republic-Flag.png]
(2) Czech Republic: ToeZ// (Captain), R!val, Woozie

[Image: Egypt-Flag.png]
(3) Egypt: Matrex, Legendary, Plato (Captain), AnarchY, Para;Dox

[Image: Germany-Flag.png]
(4) Germany: Nindix, RemTek, Kenny, Kurato (Captain)

[Image: Hungary-Flag.png]
(5) Hungary: LaceK, LiGhT (Captain), baca, metyu, kenny

[Image: Israel-Flag.png]
(6) Israel: ThefirsT, JoinT (Captain), MulneR, Gamg

[Image: Latvia-Flag.png]
(7) Latvia: Hazard, Kowak (Captain), Lumb^

[Image: Poland-Flag.png]
(8) Poland: LorDzik^, MoXdder (Captain), Slasher, Ziomallinio

[Image: Romania-Flag.png]
(9) Romania: drift# (Captain), MaryO, MarkynhO, Teck

[Image: Russian-Federation.png] [Image: Belarus-Flag.png]
(10) Russia & Belarus (RUB): Masterm!nd (Captain), FruttoS, OsO.cp

[Image: Turkey-Flag.png]
(11) Turkey: zAyNiye#, Psychedelic, Granitty (Captain)

[Image: Tunisia-Flag.png]
(12) Tunisia: VolksGrenadier (Captain), Interex, WarG

[Image: globe-01-512.png]
(13) Rest of the world 1 (JP): StormCrow (Captain), Valyrieroth, Shyrink, Diamondprox

[Image: globe-01-512.png]
(14) Rest of the world 2: DeathKisS (Captain), Daigamindx, Shado:N, NayroZ.zz

[Image: globe-01-512.png]
(15) Rest of the world 3: robko (Captain), AceR, Sentro, Squn

[Image: globe-01-512.png]
(16) Rest of the world 4: DMNK (Captain), Sentinel, Ready4Hate, Zeke

Spreading players is not random! if you're looking to switch to another team or if you want to play with your friends from your country you can easily do that, just ask any of the referees and he'll get through that.

As you can see we managed to set 11 country teams that is filled with either 3 or 4 players, 'Free players' are the ones who couldn't be in a country team due to lack of his country players that registered or that they chose not to play with the country team, after the off-competition stage we will try and add each one of them to 'Rest of the world' teams, will explain more further below.

Off-Competition (1st stage)

You might have seen that word quite often in our previous topics but you may not know it's meaning, Off-Competition is a stage which isn't count as normal competition stage as it's only between the country teams, for example a specific country might have more than 1 team (Turkey has 5 teams) so they will play against each other in Round Robin way and the team that will get the most points will be claimed to be the representative of their country in the real competition.

Those teams that won't make it to the next stage, we will try to give them another chance to play in the real competition as Rest of the world teams, we do have 5 places left for those teams as we will spread players from the most teams that got points in the off-competition stage but still lost it. (it's really complicated for some people but just know that you need to really care about getting points in the off-competition stages)

Captains' Voting (2nd stage)

After organizing and making teams ready for the real competition we will start Captains' Voting for each team, team players will vote for each other (you cannot vote for yourself) and the most player with votes will be reclaimed as the captain.

Captains are really responsible for their teams they must organize and fairly manage their players, if a captain was reported by a player for any unfair actions with a proof there's a chance of the captain being totally kicked from the tournament so be careful!

Competition Rounds (3rd stage)

The last and most important stage is the competition rounds as it will decide which country team is the strongest in the Destruction Derby gamemode, it will be elimination type and will contain of 16 teams and 4 rounds;

1st Round: there will be 4 groups, each group will contain 4 teams (16 in total) and every 2 teams will play against each other.
2nd Round: 2 teams will leave from each group there will be 2 teams in each group (8 in total) that will play against each other.
3rd Round: The semi-finals which will be between 2 groups as every group now will contain only 1 team (4 in total) (e.x group A vs. group B).
4th Round: The finale which will be between the only 2 teams left in the competition and will decide which country is the strongest.

[Image: sitemap.png]

Notice that after finishing the first and second stage, you will be able to play 1st Round matches as the bracket will tell who is against who, team captains will arrange and decide match times with their players and will be responsible to make the matches happen, refrees will manage and organize everything for them.

We know the plans are a bit complicated and if you still can't understand something just hit us up on skype and we will make sure you understand, hope you got atleast a brief about the way this tournament is gonna go and have a nice day!

[Image: egypt.png]

[Image: bulgaria.png]

[Image: hungary.png]

[Image: turkey.png]

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