Players Registration & Rules

Created by Matrex

Once you learnt how the tournament is going to be, you will have to fill the information template to register your self.

Quote:Nickname: (e.g Matrex )
Country: (e.g Egypt )
Serial Number: (e.g E784D0A06C6D5C7C3F2E9C634B568EB2) (How do you find your serial?: Simpy open your console, type in serial.
Skype/Discord: (e.g Ahmed.anis333 / Matrex#9333 )

After registering 'Confirmed' sign will be put on your registration and you will be contacted later on.


1. It's not allowed to use any form of cheating that give you an unfair advantage, including and not limited to: car mods, custom handlings, CPU stressers, FPS limiters, dll injectors, etc;
2. It's not allowed to use fake players (referee have to check serial of both players before the match);
3. Verbal abusement towards anyone is forbidden;
4. Speech of hate is forbidden;
5. Minimum FPS limit is 45;
6. Maximum Ping limit is 150 (Ping needs to be stable);
7. Time limit of each round is 13 minutes ( if someone times up we will redo with same time )
8. If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map;
9. If someone times out while the round is running if he is alive, we redo the map (with same positions, if required);
9.1. It's not allowed to abuse this rule (provoking time-outs intentionally to redo the map);
10. If someone didn't came to his match, his opponent auto-wins after 15 minutes of waiting.
12. Each team will chose 2 maps before the match and every map will be played 5 times, in total 20 rounds;
12.1. If the score is a draw, then we play every map once again.
13. 1vs1 round can be restarted if both teams agree;

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Nickname: ThefirsT
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Nickname: Kevin
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