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Hello, community!

As you see from the title i'm starting yet another tournament after i've succeed making Battle of Destruction the one enjoyable and fairly played, this time i've came up with Olympics 3 vs. 3 type one as everyone suggested and asked for. I will have my assistant from AnarchY, DeathKisS and the TC community for making this tournament a good experience for everyone out there. (details below)

Quick information & promo video (Clickable)

The competition will be a 3 vs. 3 between each country's team.
It will be elimination (first match you play will decide whether you're qualified or not).
There will be off-competition system for countries that will have more than 1 team registered to decide which is the strongest team to play the real competition.
You cannot register your team, you will only register yourself but you can later choose with which team you want to be placed in (if it's possible).
Each team will have it's reliable captain who will be organizing and managing the team (captains will be picked by votes).
Matches will be hosted on TC servers or any stable known clan wars server.

Organization details

The competition will be quite well organized as we will put much effort into it so don't hesitate to register yourself, and notice that you're not responsible for anything all you do is to register yourself and we'll have to put you in a team and let you play fairly, if the team you were added in doesn't seem likely to you, you can change it if your country has more than 1 team. referees will always be up to help you out understand and know what to do so talk to them.

Registration - Use the form included and register yourself. (clickable)
Staff request - Use the form in order to request for a place in the staff management team. (clickable)
Read the rules and know about everything so you don't get in any kind trouble


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