The Crew News #73 - Birthday Team

Created by Nathan

Hello and welcome to yet another release of the news. News, well.. yeah, we have some news although not as much as I would like of course. When the standards are set high and the activity in the community is decreasing there isn't as much I can do apart from posting short articles. Less work for me, less of a bother for you, we have a message, we send it to you and that's it! When there are news, well, you do enjoy the article more, right? Yeah, I'd enjoy writing more too, although not today, my friends. For some, today will be a happy day and for others it won't be too good. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy the release.
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So yesterday was our birthday! We slowly are getting more mature when it comes to the age itself. Here is to another year!
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Guess what it is!

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Thanks to Mousy for literally all the art featured in the latest articles as well as this one. And of course, congratz to everybody who has joined us today! Hard luck for all of those that have not. On a personal note guys, if truly are willing to join a community, no matter of your age then just remember about the level of maturity that is expected. We like seeing activity, we like seeing people posting stuff on Discord and the forums but the two most important factors following activity are maturity and patience. We really do not like impatient people, so don't rush, we're not going anywhere anytime soon! I know this may seem ironic that we want you guys to be patient when it comes to the development of the server, although you choose the be patient or impatient when it comes to attempting joining us, the same way you choose to be impatient about the server and understandably so, we don't want to seem like absolute hypocrites. Anyways, I do sincerely hope you all will enjoy your stay here and some of you we will see to stay for longer.

This map just had to be included today, you all know how much I love those new, 'modern' maps that go back to a few years and inspire themselves through nostalgia and through the maps that have been created in the past and stayed in our memories as positive thoughts. I didn't expect Symon taking part in creating such a map, but he did and this shows to us that not only HDM matters these days! A lot of the peeps still play OS maps and it's really great to see the collaboration between the people who still play the pre-modern maps. Well done to everybody involved in this map.

Holy moly, this map did surprise not only me but a few other people for sure. The ideas of a speed map and a tougher, part with slower and challenging parts are not something that new but this, this is very well put together how all the transitions happen between parts, very smoothly, quite fascinating in fact. Very well done to ElCrow who delivers once again, the record and the edit were absolutely fantastic, the map was driven with just skill and pure knowledge. Talking about knowledge, yeah.. I wouldn't be able to pass this map because I just do not like practicing too much for too long. But the idea of featuring these maps is to watch how skillfully people can play them and not only that, to show how beautiful maps still can be and not only that, it also shows that people still have ideas and the creativity still keeps on coming! Well done to you gents. Shondex and Chipy, very well done to you lads.
Well, that would be it for this release today, I know, no news in particular, quite the crisis when it comes to topics indeed. I apologise for the whole lack of text today even, I am a very busy person lately when it comes to school and stress. Yeah, those two keep me busy all the time. A busy schedule Monday-Thursday, gone early in the morning at 8am and back just before 7pm, it is not fun, but this is my last year of secondary schooling, meaning that I will somewhat be free as of next year. Although I won't be because I will be working even harder in achieving what I really want to achieve. And also guys, hold on tightly as soon, you will get to see something special. Soon, as overused word, eh? Yeah, you'll see for yourselves, I won't talk about it. We do have some smaller updates like our dear Trend becoming the DD leader and our beloved Mousy becoming the Shooter leader. But for now, thank you all very kindly for reading this somewhat messy release, happy birthday to TC once again and congratulations to all the news folks coming in. See you all next time.
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Thanks for the opportunity guys, I will try not to disappoint you, also congratulations to others. Good news by the way.

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Welcome new trials, and well writen Nathan Smile
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Hmm weird how you guys didn’t mention about the peeps who left tho? It’s news isn’t it ?

Anyway congrats to the new-comers who hopefully will bring back the activity <3.

Mostly gz to Mokka and Alamm ( < noob lagger )

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Congrats little boys

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poor kube

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Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations to everyone else!

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I would like to congratulate everyone that made it into the team, i'm sure every single one of you will do awesome! :3
Just as awesome as Nathan always presents the TCN's I hope!
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