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Hello everyone!
  I would like to introduce myself and talk about me for the people who doesnt know who I am. I am Twistty (this is my nickname and how people knows me). My real name is Dimitar Georgiev, I'm 15 years old and going to be 16 on January 11th! I am a mature, serious and funny person in real life and in game as well. I know when to be serious and when to joke and be funny, and I usually make people laugh a lot and making them smile, and I love making people happy. I was born in Dulovo/Bulgaria. I lived in Cuprys many months but then all of a sudden everything is cha?nged , therefore I decided to move back to Bulgaria. I think my english knowledge is not that bad, but I am trying to improve it day by day. I living with my mother here but usually I'm alone in weekdays because my mother has to work(like every people). Last year was very hard for me because my sister passed away, then I start to be phesimist and from stress I start to be very very fat. I was so sad few months and tried some bad things on me, but I understand that's a part of everyone's life, my father is sick (anything with brain, don't remember so much), so I can say my life is 70% bad things, but I am trying to remove them and trying to be good, funny every time. I am trying to do my best for everything. Before some months I said "This shit will need to stop" I start to eat healty, start to going on fitness, will work hard and do my best to start to be with normall kgs.  My family is in normal situation, but I can't say that we're rich or something like that, but I am spending my money only for good things, for my sister and for my mother. Yeah I can't buy a new PC these years but I'll start to work next year maybe, cuz I will pass 15 y/o, so that's it about this theme. Before I finish this part I would say that I'm a 1st year "Mehanic" student in PGOOT. One of my favourite things is that I enjoy helping people. It gives me a good feeling if someone knows what to expect from me and knows that I can solve problems. I think solving problems together is a priority for a Community Staff, because it will hopefully solve that these situations don’t occur that much anymore and people learn from their mistakes. Giving a hand to someone means a lot to me. If a person get stuck with something and you are able to help him, you get that proud feeling. I spend most of my time on the laptop and if I'm not on my laptop, I'm either watching movies or out with friends. If you see me around, don't be shy and say Hi!

Yours respectfully,

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Hello Dimitri welcome in TheCrew community, enjoy u stay
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Hello mate, welcome in our community, stay here for a long time :3.

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Hello Twistty! Nice to meet you, enjoy your stay!

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