[Canceled] The Crew vs 3R

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Hey there!
In this topic I am here to announce that we will be facing 3LiteRacers this weekend in a Shooter, Jump Clanwar. The opponent team proven to be a strong and experienced team in the many years of the clan's existence. We would like to wish our opponent the best of luck and we are expecting a tough, yet fair and enjoyable match for both teams! 
Everyone is free to spectate this match that’s gonna be held in our clanwar server: (Server ip: mtasa://
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Clanwar Information
Date:          Saturday, 15.09.2018
Time:          20 PM CET
Server:       The Crew Gaming server
Type:          Jump Clanwar (+ Groundkill allowed)
Players:     3 vs 3
Maps:         10 maps from each team in total.
Rounds:     20 rounds in total.

'TC| (The Crew)



- Tobster - Kamikaze
- Tobster - Kamikaze
- Tobster - Kamikaze
- Tobster - Kamikaze
- Tobster - Kamikaze

3Lite Racers (3R)

- Hock3R
- Skyler3R
- pro^3R

- Damian3R
- Shakey3R

- Adidas - Burst
- Adidas - Burst
- Adidas - Burst
- Adidas - Burst
- Adidas - Burst

General rules of this clanwar:

1. Only players which are listed on the player list are allowed to play the CW. (You can change the team within one day the cw will be played or less then one)
2. The clan with last surviving player gets the point.
3. In case of a draw, each clan must pick one map.
4. In case of camping, participant will be blown up and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
5. In case of player causes lag during the round, we will redo the map with alive players only and switch the lagging player.
6. In case of insulting , swearing and provoking , participant will be muted and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
7. If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.
8. If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further.
9. If someone lags too much, reserve player plays then
10. FPS : Minimum - 36. Maximum - 102. // PING : Maximum - 300
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Good luck guys!

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Leeeet's goo, they are good guys, should be a fun clanwar, good luck!

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Unfortunately I have to announce that the opponent team requested to cancel this clanwar due to internal problems in their team.
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