[SHOOTER] Unlimited Power vs The Crew #2

Created by Azooz

Clan Name: Unlimited Power
Clan Website: up-mta.com
Contact info: Skype (azooz.mta1)

Date: We will talk about it
Time: [b]We will talk about it[/b]
Server: Unlimited Power Clanwar Server
Type: Ground Kill with Jump
Players: 3 (Reserves)
Maps: 10
Rounds: 20

'TC| (The Crew)


Reserves :


Unlimited Power (|UP)

- Azooz|UP
- Flame|UP
- Alfnnanh|UP

Reserves :
- Dantax|UP
- IsGh|UP

- Adidas x5

Information regarding the rules of shooter clanwars involving The Crew Gaming:

1. Only the players named on the list provided with the clan war request will be allowed to play.
2. Any kind of insults and provocations will NOT be tolerated. Players will have to restrain from doing so otherwise they will be muted during the continuation of the clanwar.
3. Using VPN or any other software that may affect the gameplay and give an advantage towards others is strictly forbidden.
4. In case of both teams ending up with the same amount of points there will be 2 extra maps played, each team decides the map they want to play on.
5. The clan with the last surviving player(s) will get the point.
6. If a player keeps camping on a suitabe object giving them an advantage towards others for longer then 1 minute, their vehicle will be blown.
7. In case of map time running out before one team dies, we redo the map.
8. In case of a player timing out before the map starts he will recieve 5 minute time period to get back online, if a player doesn' t come back we will continue without that person.
9. In case a player timing out during the map, we will continue playing.
10. Ground kills are allowed in jump clan wars.
11. Ping above your country's average limit is not allowed.
12. The minimum FPS is 30 and the maximum is 50.
13. The maximum acceptable ping is 350.

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(08-26-2018, 16:11), Azooz Wrote:
Server: Unlimited Power Clanwar Server
Hey, we are only willing to play clan wars on TC server. If you agree the clan war is accepted.

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This clanwar request has been Accepted.
More information about the clanwar will follow in a seperate topic.
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