The Crew News #72 - Heart still Beating

Created by Nathan

Well, well, well.. what have we here? Did you expect a release today, no? Me neither believe it or not. This release will be a very unusual one and the reason for that is because we do lack topics although I feel like I really needed to write one of these today. Also, if I will get out of the habit of writing those, I will just not have the motivation to write them anymore at all, I lost my consistency although the release is still here, probably the longest break a TCN ever took. I never promised it not taking such a break because we did indeed came back to the 1-2 days state a while ago as well as you know, it is pretty damn peaceful in the MTA community this year. Regardless, there is a reason why this TCN is appearing today, and I have not been granted permission to tell you about what's going on at the moment so you can speculate all you want. But for now, enjoy this short release.
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Well, I am going to put everything that I believe is important into this paragraph. So throughout the past two months or so, we haven't had much activity going on, but as we all know, people's lives in the real world continue as you know, time won't just stop on us and so we had a few people leave us, I won't be mentioning any names just in case but we did indeed loose a few souls on board. Throughout the many years of development when it comes to the whole project, we have made many mistakes as well as experienced many losses when it comes to people, the reason is because we've dug a whole of an unnecessary game of survival of the fittest as I call it... Although, as many people have wondered, yeah this is a waiting game and nobody can provide anybody with an answer in regards to when. The reason for this is, our lives dynamically change and this does sound like an extremely idiotic excuse but it is what it is. Many successful people as well as companies have failed many times before achieving anything, we too have made mistakes and without a doubt will continue making mistakes and naturally continue to learn from them. An answer will come because even if there are only a few of us that truly believe in what is going to happen, you all will get an answer and we will make sure that you will as long as our heart of a community is still beating.
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 Quite the squeeze   
We do see this a lot, which is good that events still do go on, because we all can say that things are a bit rough in the community lately, we've been slowly figuring out things that did sit on the darker side of the table for quite some time. Anyways, we are having this going on and on the 11th of this month, so a little while ago we've had TC play against TFF and winning quite tightly from what I am reading here. Dusky, who apparently was quite the hero of this match-up told me that this game was intense, Dusky himself has achieved the title of an MVP of the match due to his performance in hunter fights, 1v3 and a 1v2 have been clinched by him, must have been a great show of skill indeed. Dusky wanted to mention that TFF and the referees were indeed polite so he is happy about that and that all of the team has enjoyed this event a lot. Thanks to TFF for being a good sport.
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An innovative approach   
I love it, the first words that have popped into my head when I was notified about the idea. This just sparks up this light that should really make us think a little harder, because this shows that new ideas are still possible to be realized. And this is exactly what is happening with AceVerso. WW's idea to start a rental service for many platforms, starting off from MTA and progressing onto other platforms, whatever they might be. The goal of this project is to help people out, provide them with the essential support that they need so that they can begin building their community, it's like a foundation for anything that is about to begin. This is a fantastic idea, as I've said and I want to see nothing else from this but pure success, I wish WW and the team the very best of luck with this, hope you guys go far and we surely will be following on how you all are getting on. 

The first (two maps are intended to be involved in this release) map of the map of the well.. you can say the past two months is this, Esp4wN's map and recorded by the one and only Relax.. a fantastic, smooth map. This is some great eye-candy for the viewer and the player of course. I haven't touched the game in a while myself, but such maps truly do bring joy to my eyes. The classic style of smooth, quick maps still works to this day, if one has experience and the proper time, the map is not rushed then such a beauty can be created. What else can I say, some more challenging bits which adds to the enjoyment because the map is not focused on just the simplicity but adding a little bit of something, if you get what I'm saying, a fantastic job by Esp4wN, a great example of incredible mapping skills. 

Talking about skills, well.. this guy right here surely does have some skill. BR!GHT, our dear team member as well as a fantastic mapper who really does create a 'work of art' maps, nobody ever mentioned of them being easy though, they are quite challenging. And this map surely had moments that had me literally drop my jaw and thinking to myself like 'Woah, holy sh*t'. Even though I would probably not want to play this map because of its difficulty, I surely am enjoying watching this played for the third time. I really like the transition between I believe it was Gercsz that was driving and then BR!GHT taking over. You've done a great job Gercsz, keep it up, really enjoyed the cinematics as well as the work you've put into this map when it comes to editing. This map really is crazy, and I really like how it is made. We all can't imagine how much works has been put into this, thank you BR!GHT for such a great map and thanks to Gercsz once again for the great edit.
And we have came to the end of this release, thankfully.. we've filled this one up a good bit with a bit of help from everybody really, so I would like to help everybody at the TCN Squad for the support when it comes to all the work you do to keep this going. When's the next one? I've got no idea, I will soon realize how much I need to catch up on since I probably did miss some little things. Who knows, is all I can say. The autumn season is slowly approaching and some of us are slowly going to be starting to go back to school, college or university. I'd like to wish everybody the best of luck with that, I myself am starting my toughest educational year thus far, the last one of all. Anyways, that's me done with everything for now, hope you enjoyed this short release, I hope to see you all again soon. And as always, thanks for reading.
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Short, but interesting.

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