[DM] The Crew vs. For Fuck Sake #2

Created by TKZ

Hey guys ! As you know we're going to have our 2nd clanwar versus FFS. The first one ended as a win for us which was a very intense match. On the 1st of July 18:00 CET, the match will occur on TC's CW server. We're hoping for another intense match and wishing the best of luck to our opponent!

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Type of competition: DM

Server: The Crew's CW Server
Date & time: 01.07.2018 18:00 CET

'TC| Players


'TC| Reserves


'TC| Maps

•[DM]Coon ft. 3ventic - Thunder
•[DM] Gteatero - Noxious Force
•[DM]Ruso - Teardrop
•[DM] DoPeR ft SebaS - DS Xperience
•[DM]Ravolt v19 - Ravoltage II

-ffs- Players


-ffs- Reserves


-ffs- Maps

•[DM]Siisti v2
•[DM]PeiN ft Micra - Lethal Weapon
•[DM]ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu
•[DM]BreAkeR v11 - Almost Perfect III
•[DM]DarkOne - Risky Envadarous

• Only clan's representatives are allowed to speak on the main chat (up to 3 persons for each party)
• Verbal abusement towards anyone is forbidden.
• Speech of hate is forbidden.

• Both teams agree together for someone to referee who is not associated with any of the parties.
• Any kind of cheating is disallowed.
• FPS limit: 52
• Max Ping: 330
• Each team is able to pick up to 2 HDM maps. Over buggy maps are not accepted
• Maps have to be revealed up to one week before the match day. Othwerise the game is cancelled or date is changed.
• Shortcutting is disallowed (skipping vehicle pickups, skipping the whole parts).
• Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
• Waiting for nitro is allowed.
• Camping is disallowed.
• Spraying both the driving cars and hunters is disallowed.
• Backshooting while getting hunter (spawn killing) is disallowed.
• Performing any hostile action against any other player using hunter when there was no countdown is disallowed.
• Shooting the drving vehicles is allowed. It is also allowed to shoot the cars when there was no countdown.
• In case there's hunter fight with less than 3 player per team and if both teams agree, we are moving to a closed map (e.g 3vs2 - 2vs2 - etc).
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Me see TK post me like!!!

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Best of luck boys.
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Good luck boys specially soxy

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Good luck fellas!

no u dusk.

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Random tc wannabe: Good luck guys!

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Damn yes 

Go TC :3

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Goodluck guys! Go for it boiiiiis!
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