Welcome to The Crew Bar - This is a post for the Menu, so you can see what is updated and what isn't, you can use the Discord channel to suggest what you want! Let's make this the biggest and the most diverse menu ever! This is a closed thread, only for updating the menu, join our Discord if you want to join the bar!

Welcome to The Crew Bar

The Crew Bar - Delivery in just 1-2 days Wink

Soft Drinks:
-A glass of water:  Free for customers!

Hot Drinks (ALL MEDIUM CUPS FOR 2.29 $)
Milk and Sugar FREE
-Black Tea
-Turkish Tea
-Orange Tea
-Fruit Tea

-Black Coffee
-Irish Coffee

-Orange Juice (1.49$)
-Apple Juice (1.59$)
-Cranberry Juice (1.89$)
-Multi-vitamine Juice (1.69$)

A Dairy Milkshake - Big Cup (2.79$)
Strawberry Milkshake - Big Cup (3.00$)
Chocolate Milkshake - Big Cup (3.49$)

Alcoholic Beverages:
-Our dearest Ron's personal favorite - Vodka (for free if you both get drunk) or else (17.99$ for 1.5l)
-Some Polish Beer in a pint (4.99$)
-Irish Guinness (4.50$)
-Jameson Whiskey (7.29$)

Hot foods:
-Commemorative Soner Doner Kebab (18.99$) - Eat one and you will be full for 10 hours!
-Nathan's POLISH Pierogi (medium size, 10 each- 12.99$)
-Polish Golabki (1 for 2.49$) 
-Hot, home-made chicken-stew (5.49$)

Cookies & Cakes: (ALL CAKES ARE 30cms IN DIAMETER AND 15cms THICC)
-Official 'The Crew' Cake - Red, red and once again, red! - Choose your favourite ingredients! (39.99$)
-Strawberry Cake - Full of Strawberries and Cream (24.99$)
-Chocolate Cake - Full of chocolate and small smaller sweets, very unhealthy, but good for a special occassion! (26.99$)

Other Foods:
-Polish Bulka z Maslem (0.99$)

The whole point of this is to show what a very sad person can do when bored and with a lot of spare time on his hands.
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