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Hello dear community

I came with sad announcement which is my farewell. I spent like 2 years in this clan maybe even more but today my time is over due to some internal fights between me and the "precious" leader xiti. I can give you more information but who cares ?? even my leader does not care me and does not support us when we try to do something in favor of The Crew. I won't come back here so don't search me in this community. 

my skype : crespo.26
You have been erased from existance.

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i don't know what could happen between you both but its a pity losing a member like Cres in a team like TC, if you know what i mean.. i would say "i hope you guys fix your issues" but seeing this, seems like there is no turning back :l

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Its your decision, only wish you best and good luck CresPro.

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indeed a loss which we can't replace because of soners uniqueness, character and skill of course. I love this dude and will keep loving him even tho we aren't in the same team anymore.

love you dude and wish you the best!

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