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A very fine day to you all. For myself it is night time, around 11pm, so not quite the day but I promised that I will do it so here it is. Once again as I say pretty much in all the latest releases, we are still awaiting the new website so the news won't come back to being weekly for the next while. I only write the releases when I feel like they are absolutely needed. Today is such a day although we don't have much to talk about, there is quite an occasion to celebrate even though I don't have anything prepared for it. So I am going to mention it right here and right now.
Exactly on the 28th of February of 2016, which was a Sunday, Simas released the very first article of The Crew News. Did much happen since the last time? A lot has happened indeed! We've had the 50th release with a lot of excitement and the beta testing! Again, I must applaud Simas for starting this and as I've promised before I won't let this opportunity slip past like a little rat that lives its life and dies in misery without achieving anything. The articles are going to evolve as soon as the waiting is over. The opportunity that I've gotten is absolutely incredible and I still can feel the excitement and the happiness from the moment I've joined TC to the moment I released my first article. It all is stressful at first, but it builds up your confidence quite well. 
Is this supposed to be exciting? Well, not really.. there isn't much happening but a date like this is quite important to keep in our minds as well as in our hearts you can say. That aside, we won't be getting that much today apart from some event updates and a topic or two from people who have provided me topics to cover, we've got some art and I will once again choose a map that will get promoted near the very end. Do enjoy!
[Image: fPiGtFK.png]
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: 5yuSDJK.jpg?2]
So this happened last week and I actually was spectating this event, it was quite exciting and I can tell y'all it was a show of skill and professionalism when it comes to everything pretty much. First and foremost, I'd like to thank Anus, Hawk and VonDusky for being great referees for this, you put in the work and managed everything pretty well, so well done. The clanwar seemed like it was very, very even in the first half but then we have taken a bit of an advantage in the second half, making us clinch the match, although FFS fought for the last few points and the match ended up by us winning 11-9 so that is pretty great, although a lot of the people who are quite experienced when it comes to competitive DM weren't too happy about everything and are still planning to get better to get ready for the future opponents, and that is the mentality that really makes me happy about how everything is going so far, I think the reasoning behind that is pretty obvious; giving some positive constructive criticism on the debrief after the match-up is important for our team, and so we continue. I'd like to thank the chaps at FFS for being so welcoming and providing us with great emotion and an amazing quality of the server.  Once again, well done to everybody involved.
[Image: 4yUH8Ux.jpg?1]
And another competitive update from today, which is Sunday the 25th of January. Again, going to give my thanks to everybody. First of all, I am personally thanking TFF who are creating a legendary status in the MTA racing community when it comes to the consistency of having an activity on the forums, on the server as well as having a general competitive activity as well, I really appreciate y'all in the bunch that are here. Thanks again to FFS who are providing these, you are a great host for each event and do not keep disappointing but actually surprising with the increasing quality that you bring up time and time again. This match-up took place today and again, it was a close one according to what I've read on our chat as I wasn't there during it. 61 points to TFF while we finished up with 79, a nice and close competition has happened, so hope you all had fun and hope you took something from it!
[Image: kkvAMbL.png]
So Master Players are hosting a new tournament which includes cash prizes! This is something you want to consider if you are saving up for something precious and is quite good at WFF, because yeah; this is a WFF event and the first place gets 30 , so that is really exciting! If you want to get involved in the tournament you should check out this post on their forums by clicking HERE and then signing up for it. So I wish you all the very best of luck with the general organization of the tournament and may the fastest one win. A special thank you to Darkyz who has provided me with this little topic, thanks very much indeed fine sir. Once again, the very best of luck to everyone involved!
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: t9MxwfL.gif]

And of course, with only two submissions for my cry for help from last week this is the ultimate winner, before all.. thanks to Darkfly for submitting your image as well, I liked it, I really appreciate that! Zotrexx decided to put in a bit of work into action, so he created a little gif animation for me, it looks very sexy and I love it! Thank you very much Zotrexx, you fine sir. I am thinking of using this for something, and I actually have an idea what to use it on, so we will see your art being used in the future for the purpose of TCN, thanks a lot!

There is a number of reasons for why I chose this map, and some of the reasons are not including the map itself. My first reason is that RiseR is retiring from recording for now and is moving on into streaming, if you have been following our Discord, which we recommend you all to join if you haven't.. RiseR has been active on it as he is posting announcements everyday of when he is streaming. I have a request; please go and send my great mate, RiseR some love he really deserves it from the great records and edits that he has created for all of us to enjoy, and yes I really want you to know that he made them for us to enjoy and for himself to gain more experience with editing. I'd really like you all to just go and shoot a few likes or a sub if you haven't already. Alright next thing on the list, I am excluding everything else but the the two great human beings that are creating this map. We know the memes and the jokes that have been going on about JohnY, although we all must comprehend that being a mapping legend is shown through not only consistency but striving against all odds and against people who are against you reaching your goal. The duo is absolutely amazing as RiseR himself has commented and I really respect that, well done. 

In the map itself, it all is very classical and this is what I adore, some parts that stick with me from the fine old times can be noted when watching or driving through this map, the feeling is amazing and the general realization of how great the maps were in the past is being remembered here too. So I don't have too much to say, its mostly just emotion for me which is a bit of a joke since commenting on something shouldn't be just an emotion although for this one it is a bit. So thank you for giving me a little bit of an experience fine men. And well done to the exceptional one man army of RRecords; RiseR who has put so much time into his work its insane. I must say you guys did an absolutely amazing job I must say, referring to; BriaN and JohnY.

So that is it from me today, I hope to see you all soon, hope you all had a great February, I surely enjoyed mine. I apologize for all the mistakes and the receptivity of vocabulary in this article, I tried but my attempt isn't as good as it could be in the day time, gotta manage my time a bit better! Have a fantastic time everybody and thank you for being with us and supporting the grind that we keep on creating for you.  
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I really enjoying when you wrote good things especially the News!. bro i was stay here during you writing the news, was so excited for it! and the News great again, I'll just be patient for to next TCN.
Good evening Smile

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Well written as always ! Was expecting one more thing with this TCN but I guess we keeping it for the next one :3 .

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No Darkyz. JUSTNO!
You have been erased from existance.

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It's always a pleasure reading that kind of news Nathan, well written and keep it up.

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Nice improvements.

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Well written ma boi nathan!

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