The Crew News #66 - A new, belated year

Created by Nathan

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well, I thankfully am myself, just a wee bit busy with everything going on, school getting harder, loosing sleep and other stuff. But why should you care, we shall begin after all. I keep on getting asked why there are no releases each week, there is one obvious reason; no topics and there is another one; I am pretty much all by my self so yeah, there you go. I sincerely apologize for the length of this article as a whole, it isn't going to be the bestest of quality and I didn't plan for it to be as such. Today we can expect a little bit of updates from other communities, as well as our own; nothing too special. I've forgot to mention that it is our first release in the new year and we can all expect to have what we all are waiting for this year. We hope your year is going great so far and shall it continue that way. Enjoy the release.

[Image: fPiGtFK.png]
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
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So, usually when you see that beautiful TC logo you know what is coming, or at least you should, because I am about to announce the new 'trials' as we call them. I've been pushed to do a release this week just because of this I am guessing. Well, I am not sure what to say about all of these guys but they have been chosen over a sustainable period of time which allowed Krzysztof and our guys to use the technique of democracy to choose whom we shall take on-board this season. 

Cnethz, Bright and Grzybek - For our general selves and helping out;
DonJohn, Triplex and Gamer - For our dearest WFF squad;
Toez and Rival - For our modest and yet powerful DD team.

Give a warm welcome to these chaps, they surely deserved it.
And as for our next topic it is going to be DD, I don't really have a picture for this specific one so we'll just roll without it. During the second week of this year we had a DD clanwar against the guys at Sixth Sense.. I did not have the pleasure to witness the match live but it surely must have been intense as after some exciting battle. The scoring at the very end, we clinched it with 14-10. Now I must give respect to both teams, very well done to all and we hope for a further roll on those DD matches, I know myself that they do get quite intense by the end. Well played gents.
[Image: S4fjCvw.png?1]
On Thursday we have a match-up in the great Old School Lucky Seven event that is continuously running as we speak. And on that day the guys at our squad will be playing against none other than the L7 squad of FFS, sounds very exciting indeed. Thursday for me is an awkward day to go and watch but hopefully I'll find the time to do so and hopefully you'll do too. We will be having two great referee's taking care of the game that day, Robert and Corrupt who always do a great job in that, you are all welcome to come and spectate unless told to unfortunately not to, hopefully that will not happen. The game will be at 20:30, CET which is the German timezone, GMT+1 in other words. We shall be seeing you there.
And the last topic before our map of the week is the update that happened on FFS during new years, I am pretty sure most of you know about it, but for those of you who don't... well then, there you go, it literally is on the main homepage of FFS go ahead and have a cheeky read, well done to everybody involved and I hope to play on it soon.

This is the map I've chosen for MoTW this week, why you may ask? Because personally, the map has a great feeling of this MTA vintage in it, even if you may not know about the mappers like at all, the map has been executed fairly well and in some bits I really like what they have made, shout out to those two guys Fernand and Revolce for creating this little baby; it will stay with me for a while. And Relax, well done for the consistency with your work, I really hope it will continue. Just going back on the topic of the map itself again, by MTA Vintage, I simply meant that the feeling of this map is great because it makes you feel like you are in the late 2010 or early 2011 with this great, enjoyable track to it. It's great. Say what you want, laugh at me, 'hhhhhh' at me, I don't care, this was my choice. Well done lads.
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]

And I can safely state that it is all for this week, I genuinely hope you enjoyed those short little teeny tiny paragraphs that I do not really enjoy looking at, at the moment. You can now attempt to persuade me to type another one for the next week or the week after, good luck.. lol. Anyway, this is the new year, and the release will happen this year, how exciting is that?! It will be a great time for me to get back into MTA and get out of my daily schedule again, as this game is not included in my daily schedule at the moment. Well, whatever; I hope you have a safe week! 
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When beta ? oh wait,, i mean when server ?
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to join this family. Congratulations everyone!

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Thanks for giving me chance and Congratz to other ones! Smile

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To be honest you really disappoint me with those maps picking, I think you should let someone else go on that subject if you want it to be more interesting, because people (or just me) are not willing to read your recommendation on such maps (if they were on better ones, I'd love to, but as it is for now, I am not).

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Thank you for giving me a chance. Congratulations also for other people who tried and joined to family!

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