Synchronice ft. Chipy ft. SK - Everlasting

Created by VonKasty


Since many of you noticed I'm back at recordings, SK already contacted me to re-record one of his map series with Chipy and Synchronice named Everlasting

The original recorder was mTH but sadly he had to delete the video. 

I'm re-recording this to show once again my back at recordings. About the edit, I didn't put any intro because I completely forgot how to use "Cameratool" xd. But don't worry about it because I'm going to watch some tutorials again and make some sick intros on my future videos!  Plus I have a new intro, I hope I introduced my new intro well, I tried to make a drop edit with it. It looks pretty good for me! And about the ColorCorrection, I hope I made a decent one, 2 years almost I am not touching this stuff. I'll be improving it, no doubt! But afterall, I hope you will like it, if you did thank this map thread! See you on the next video ! Peace [Image: %3C3.png]

----------------------------------------Video Information---------------------------------------

Infernus by NitroN (M1cra v3 Nitroshi Wheels)

Lights by NitroN

FFS Intro by NitroN

Recording program used ''ShadowPlay"

Editing program used ''Sony Vegas 14"

Song name: map's song

Skype: joan.salamanca


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Cool map like in old times.. also great record..!
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