Art for TCN - Xmas Edition
Greetings. We are going to roll out the Xmas edition of TCN this weekend sometime, it is going to be the last release of the year so we are going to make it special! And in order to make it special, we need art. I know that in the community we have a good amount of people with an amazing range of artistic talents. 

We want you to create a piece that is going to resemble a winter atmosphere with a theme of warmth which is going to present a peaceful environment.

Your deadline is the 23rd of December, the Saturday of this week. Sorry for telling you about this a little late. 
Enjoy making your pieces and I hope to see a good few in the next few days.
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[Image: k7LYek5.png]
[Image: j8xr044.png]

Just a simple breaker, star breaker! Big Grin

[Image: j8xr044.png]
Wishing you all a joyous Christmas and a happy new year.

[Image: 0MWEiGv.png]
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Jekorgi's work is going to be used as the official logo for TCN and stuff, so don't feel hopeless.
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Here is my personal! I love you guys! <3
[Image: XEAmn0.jpg]
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