The Crew News #63 - Leafs Falling
Greetings hi, Nathan greets you. Here come the excuses everyone! How long has it been?! A long, long time really, and by a 'long, long' time i mean around three to four weeks. The reason being a lack of topics, indeed. For this amount of time we either had one or two somewhat interesting things going on or absolutely nothing. You can say I was somewhat inactive for that amount of time, yet I will still there answering any questions coming in. I've been having multiple questions from people all around asking why am I not posting TCN. Lack of topics, I can't just gather a few topics after 2 weeks of inactivity and do a small little TCN like the one before, if I miss a week I plan on improving and adding topics for the next time. This might tell you a little something about the release today, while it may not have the juicy topics you perhaps are looking for (or maybe it does?). Today we are going to have a lot of topics that are to do with the competitive side of things. Almost all of the topics today will be based on either WFF, DM or some other stuff and things. Don't worry though, the entirety will not be just that, we will have some additional topics that you will like, especially one! Without any further dadadadooo, let's get right into this cheeky piece.
   [Image: NGc0b4c.png]
[Image: 2TefSEO.png]

This is something that you probably might wonder about, what it is? Well Xiti decided to name this thing 'Roadmap', the idea is that this little illustration shows us what are our steps as in a road that we are going to take until the launch of our official server. Most of this should be pretty self-explainatory and well done to Xiti for creating this in some amount of time, I don't know how long that actually took him. Hopefully you'll take something out of this though, nothing more to say about this one.
DM CW against Beasts last week 
11-9 for us.

Last week, we had a clanwar against Beasts (I call them beasts, cuz that is what I do since they are a thing), i think it was Friday the 29th of September which was a Friday.. I was not too active at that time, can't really tell what was going on but it must have been somewhat intense from what I heard from the guys at the DM squad. It is how it is, when there is a competitive battle between two cliques one must win and one must loose at some point. The disappointment when a team looses gets even stronger when you put all your best into trying to clinch the matchup. When the loss comes, at last then you just got to deal with it. It naturally just comes in as a disappointment so what else can you do than being disappointed! Well, I am bragging so I will stop. Must have been a good match and a solid GG to both of y'all chaps.
WFF CW against VIP 83-57 for us.
This day last week our WFF squad had a very close WFF CW matchup against VIP, again I, myself wasn't there for it but it must have been quite the intensity surround everybody on the server at the time of the clanwar, possibly enitrely when the matchup was coming to a close. I wished I could have watched it, but well.. no one's time is unlimited as they say. Hopefully all of the lads enjoyed themselves when the matchup was still live. GG to both of you guys.
WFF L7 against EPG 105-35 for us.
This happened yesterday, on Saturday the 7th of October. This really seemed quite interesting to watch, cuz I was there to actually watch the matchup. Now, our team did very well and as I saw there were still lessons learned even from such a complete success. I am always quite happy that TK and other members of the squad find mistakes and gaps to still fix and improve of them for the next time. Again, GG to both.
[Image: LIzL5Iy.png]
We are coming to a close of this very successful world cup, a very happy end to the one of the least annual events that is organized by nobody else than The Favoured Few. The finalist will be announced in the table down below that is made by TFF themselves, really appreciate all the presentation that is to do with this. Again, I am looking forward a LOT for the next year and hopefully you guys will not disappoint, keep on grinding lads. 
[Image: sBMPJGJ.png]

Well, this has been prepared by PunK himself who was very proud of the results from our latest DD clanwar which was against FFS. This is footage from the stream VOD, was very happy to stream this last month.. I think this happened on the 9th of September so not such a long time ago. But thanks to PunK for preparing this and you guys have shown class. Another step for TC to becoming one of the best overall communities that contain the best competitive squads in the whole Racing mode community of MTA. Very proud of those words. So, all of those little topics were short just because I wanted to mention what we have achieved during the past time when I didn't bother to write TCN. Now, back to some other stuff and thangs. 
[Image: KsfoUfj.jpg?1]
T'is an end of an Era for those guys. Ugh, a really big, big sorrow feeling coming out from me to those guys, I do indeed feel quite sad about them at last closing. Especially feel bad for some of my mates from that clan. Shoutout to Syku, Madlife and other chaps involved in the community for a long while. To be honest with you it really seemed like a good ride, but you all do what you gotta do really. It is your choice at last and hopefully some people who want to continue on with the grind then please, find yourself a place because you really do deserve it. For now guys, you all stay happy and don't make too big of a 'hello' kinda thing from this. By that, i mean like don't spread it like wildfire because all you gotta do at the very end is simply deal with it. That really is what you gotta do to prevent from any drama getting created. Hope to hear from some of you sometime.
[Image: VoTBGbX.png?1]
Made by SlowSheepthanks again brother. I might use this for next week and I would really love to have something like this in the theme of the Fall Season, so I can use it as an official logo.. who knows, I probably will!


This map has been chosen by me, due to all respect for our very dear recorder RiseR, who has been working quite hard on each and every single record for a long while now. Appreciate it guys! When it comes to the map, it really is quite impressive and again, i respect Czerka for being a long-time creator of maps which is what i appreciate. This map has a quality decoration, it is allowed to be enjoyed as well as a quality track. I don't really have anything else to say about this piece, really worked out well for everyone. And I personally like this one. Well done RiseR<3 
Well, this is it with this TCN.. as you can probably see the length of the paragraghs isn't anything close to satisfactionary and that is because the formating in our editor is screwed up pretty much. It will get fixed soon enough and I can write to my full extent. Otherwise, a very warm welcome back to TCN and hopefully i will see you once again next week.. i really hope so, i do.. indeed. You all have a fantastic week, be safe and enjoy yourselves when the time comes.
[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]
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(10-08-2017, 21:15)Nathan Wrote:
PunK himself who was very proud of the results from our latest DD clanwar

I don't know what is the point of that exaggeration...
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I am glad to see that you worked hard once again to make people smile, despite the fact you had lack of motivation. I have always truly appreciated your work, your personality and your helpfulness. Without you, our lovely family, The Crew, would not be the same. I would like to thank you once again Nathan and good luck with the next The Crew News!

I am patiently waiting for the launch of our unique, well optimized and beautiful server. There is no point of being impatient, because Xiti is working on it a lot, and that will be apparent in the upcoming server, so it is definitely worth to wait. I, personally cannot wait for the launch and for other people's reaction, because I know what Xiti is capable of.

I truly enjoyed watching the clan war between these two wonderful clans that want to decide who is better, The Crew and Project Beast. As in every clan war, there were some arguments, but it is kind of understandable, because both teams were hungry for the victory, but unfortunately, there is only one team that wins. We, The Crew were leading during the entire clan war, but let's not forget about Project Beast's wonderful comeback from 10-6 to 9-10. I would like to thank Project Beast for these two intense clan wars, I hope we will play a rematch in the near future!

I am proud of ourselves that we did not let Very Important Players win the clan war despite the fact we have never played any WFF clan wars before. I did not want Daster, the new WFF Captain to be disappointed, because we prepared a lot for this clan war thanks to him. I should have played 5-6 maps, but unfortunately my computer was against me and I had FPS drops that did not let me finish any maps, so I had to give my place to somebody else. I actually thought there will be a lot of arguments and misunderstandings during the clan war, but I was completely wrong. Everything went smooth, therefore I would like to thank Very Important Players for this amazing clan war!

I could have never thought of us being a good WFF team, but we have already won two WFF matches with our brand new squad. I actually thought that it will be a more intense clan war, but we managed to win with a score of 105-35. I would have liked to see European Pro Gamers more prepared for this match, because I know they are a very strong team. I am glad that we are getting more and more experience in WFF clan wars, thank you European Pro Gamers for this match!

To be honest, I wanted Hungary to win the World Cup since the beginning, because I am Transylvanian. I am amazed by their performance during the entire World Cup, but unfortunately, right when they must give the maximum from theirselves, they made some mistakes that led Chile to victory. I am quite sure that Hungary could not have gotten into the finals without their MVP. Daster. He won a lot of 3v1 Hunter fights during the tournament, he finished a lot of maps during the tournament, he performed phenomenally during the tournament. We are very glad that we have you, Daster! <3

Elite Players' "End of the road" was unexpected for me. I thought they were doing well, because their organization was amazing, they had wonderful members, they had a beautiful forum and they were popular. I am sure Elite Players will never be forgotten, because it is impossible to forget such an awesome community. I truly hope one day Elite Players will be as good as before, or maybe even better. Good bye Elite Players!
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meh same old same old. where is the drama ? do i need to start fake beef with a whole clan ? xdxdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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(10-10-2017, 15:26)SprayCan Wrote: meh same old same old. where is the drama ? do i need to start fake beef with a whole clan ? xdxdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

count me in if u doing smth
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That moment when you dont have nothing to say just show off your rank

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(10-10-2017, 18:59)xSimas Wrote:
(10-10-2017, 15:26)SprayCan Wrote: meh same old same old. where is the drama ? do i need to start fake beef with a whole clan ? xdxdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

count me in if u doing smth

hell ye boi

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