How was your day?
Hello there, i presenting you a new game for keep alive the forum.

all you have to do just follow this format for play the game as right. tell us how was your day 

[Subject] Create a subject for your life story of today's Example; [i am tired, I were in the hospital, etc.]

[Date and Time] write your time and date of your today's Example; [19 09 2017 16:14]

[Write your adventure] Follow this steps, Example; Awaking/Breakfast/School/Back in Home/Going to meet with friends for the walk in the night/Sleep

i have to present you an example [FORMAT]

[I have meet with my girlfriend at night]

Awaking/Wear/Breakfast/Going to Barber shop/Working up to 10 PM/Leave job/Going to home/Girlfriend calling/Meeting/Walking under of the stars/A kiss from girlfriend/Looking at stars while reach the grass/Drink coffe with girlfriend/Laugh at funny videos/watch a movie on the youtube/coming back to home while hold hands/little kiss from gf again/Going to home as happy/playing computer/Sleep.

[09 18 2017 - 12:30 PM]

I hope you understand the game Big Grin and i am sorry cuz my english bad a bit also i created this thread with a mobile phone thus maybe you can leave a like! (y)


Best Regards
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my day was shit.
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This is a good idea, but the structure should not be there.. let's not limit ourselves with a structure to something chill like this my man. Anyway, i've gone to school in the morning almost missed my bus ugh, at least i've had a spicy conversation with a girl from abroad in the bus, she is an exchange student.. aaaand she is going to go back to her country in a few months (don't count on anything, lmao lads).. i've went to my first class which was Irish, that went pretty standard tbh... then i had a double Japanese Language class which went amazing we are learning Hiragana in it at the moment, and our Japanese teacher is awesome, then i had Agricultural Science.. well, that went as per usual again... the subject is like biology but to do with agriculture so it's language based a lot. Then i had maths.. i suck at maths so badly, after THIS MATHS CLASS i was frustrated like hell i was for almost the entire day. After that i had classical studies, in which i was preparing notes and all that kinda shizzle. Then we had our big 35 minute break and then after that we had English Literature, again.. it went alright.. i finished writing a letter in the class which made me get no homework from that one. Then i had a double Geography class, yay! My favourite subject. Geography is not the easiest thing in the world, at least here in Ireland for the Leaving Cert. We've got an exam from it on Friday, and on my final exams in 2019.. i want to get the best grade in Geography, i must! Then i put on my coat and started walking back home since that was my last class.. untangled the earphones and plugged them into my phone. After that, i've started listening to some JS Bach English suites, i was thinking about stuff.. when i was walking home I got a little melancholic, but hey... now i am home.. got all of my homework stuff behind me on the bed ready to go and complete it (i'm going to do my h/w on the desk obviously lmao). So yeah.. that was my day.
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my day was NORMAL
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today i discovered how much hater do i have
so it's a good day x)

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(01-13-2018, 20:29)Conolel Wrote: today i discovered how much hater do i have
so it's a good day x)

xD same almost everyday someone added on my haters list on TG but last this week i wasn't play seriously max 1-2 hour per day.

anyways Today (Saturday) was a great day i was totally busy with my site.

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