The Crew News #62 - Sounds of crickets
Greetings once again, it was a while since the last release, ain't that right?  By the name of this release, 'Sound of crickets', i meant that there isn't too much topics to talk about, and that MTA has gone quiet in the past few weeks.. well.. not too good, let's hope it will liven up just a little bit. And since i am writing this at a late time, on a Sunday before a whole week of school i may make some mistakes and fix them tomorrow evening, sorry about that. Tonight we will be having something i did not expect.. yet i wanted to at least try and expect such an event, gonna keep that one in secret for now.. some more tournament topics will be mentioned.. and yeah, that is pretty much it, not forgetting about the map of the week.. yeah! Hope you enjoy this little TCN tonight, and PLEASE, i BEG you.. have something different in the comments than 'nice TCN', thanks a lot! Enjoy.     
[Image: OWQbOwr.png]
[Image: vnhgxcN.jpg]
 Back at it again!
We are back at it again ladies and gents, we are back in the Lucky7 WFF tournament. Now, that i have got the knowledge of a WFF squad actually existing in TC, i can actually announce this wel.. doesn't seem strange at all, anyway.. in around a months time on the 7th of October which is a Saturday, we will be having our first match for this season with EPG, i really cannot wait until that happens, seems like it's miles away but the time is going to pass down so fast, trust me. On the 21st of October which is going to be a Saturday once again, we will be facing off VIP. And then deciding on who will win.. the matches will be announced later, we've still got quite a few releases to announce those stuff so we don't have put pressure on ourselves by trying to figure out who will win and when.. and how especially. Well, we can go and figure but is it going to be productive in any way? Teams change, people have shittier days and better days at the same time, so anything can happen really. You also gotta remember that this is MTA, the 'unfortunate' bugs WILL appear at some points during a matchup. Anyway, that's it.. will bring you an update in the future about this.

[Image: wBBPVBn.png?1]
Oh my days, i mean.. do i really follow DD? Do many of us really follow DD? Yeah.. probably, but me? Not as much. But again, this will be the first thing i will stream after the summer holidays when it comes to MTA, nobody was really interested in my FSX test streams, well, who would be anyway. You can say that this is the main topic for today, we will be having something more after this one in particular but for now.. let's stick to this. We have been challenged by those guys at the very last, both of us are very experienced and have encountered a lot of success to get where we are now. So do expect me streaming it, as I am hyped up for it a lot ladies and gents! The time for this big event is going to be 19:00 CET, (Irish/British time). It is going to be a standard setup with a 3v3 lineup from both teams. So, stay tuned.. and remember that you can go and follow us on twitch if you haven't already by clicking this link HERE and be there tomorrow 10 minutes before it starts, as its when i will turn on the stream. 

So you might wonder, what's next huh? Well, we do indeed have two newcomers coming in to our DD squad. It is the duo we had in the past, and they decided to make a comeback once again for us. I've been nicely asked to announce who those guys are in this release, so here they are and congratz on joining us once again lads.

And once again, as we are approaching our upcoming DD CW, some people
 from our DD squad have decided to announce our latest successfully won DD battles, here are just some of them;

Quote:19-1 AC
14-6 RoW
15-5 RoW
15-5 FuckN
13-11 RoW

[Image: incFwT0.jpg?1]
Full HD, press HERE
Art of the Week by Phantom, thanks a lot for volunteering to do one mate, looks cool.

very well done map, it's one of these maps that come under my liking. Why, you may ask? I've answered this question before, it's simply because of the closed in cave-like decoration. Not only that, i really, really adore the parts of this map that may seem a little hard but are easy to understand after a little while.. and for some they are intuitive from the very beginning. When you pass those kind of parts, no matter if for the first time or the seocnd or the third try, you will always be satisfied with how you have passed the map. And that is what is so great about it. As Riser has said to me, it's one of the better maps that has come out lately, and i must certainly agree as this map very well deserved this spot in tonights TCN, in a very good fashion. Well done to Riser for creating quality work once again with this map, i love it. What do you think about this map? Have you played it? Have you liked it? Answer down below. For now though, again a very big congratz to SupRime for achieving this level of greatness after creating 21 maps!

Finishing this guy off, i must say.. that yeah, at the very end it is quite the short TCN after a week of a break from it, but do not worry at all.. the development of everything to do with our project has not stopped and you shoud look out on the horizon to see and predict what may come, but trust me.. you cannot predict to what is about to come. I must thank you all for reading this one once again and i do wish you all a fine school or work week, whichever one you have! And hope to see you all next week, i will actually try my best to create one next week, regardless of the lack of topics.. unless we get like the absolute zero when it comes to that, but well.. let's hope it will not. Have a safe week y'all! 

[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]

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nice TCN
I can't wait for L7 and upcoming dd cw, first important test for trials.
And i forgot to say, nice TCN Nathan (:
(EdoTensei v4 the real winner but let's say that your description convinced me)
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DynastySheep, 'TC|Grzybson, 'TC|Nathan, Tripl3x
Nice TCN as always.
The Crew's dm squad is back! We gonna play our 1st cw in new season at 16.09.2017 18:00 CET against fts (Fuck The System).
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(09-10-2017, 22:07)Nathan Wrote: some people from our DD squad have decided to announce our latest successfully won DD battles

Who could that be? Dodgy
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well written Nathan, thanks for giving me one more chance guys <3, we will not disappoint you in future cw against ffs
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Amazing TCN!

Gz to Tryhard and Girard! Cant wait for L7 Tongue
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Thank you for mentioning my wallpaper. Congratulations to the new comers, well deserved.
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gz for accepting clan jumpers once again :p

[Image: SpHnjaH.png]
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(09-11-2017, 10:12)Mazda Wrote: gz for accepting clan jumpers once again Tongue

Why so hate you are one of them Big Grin
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Congratulations tryhard and Girard you deserve a second shot, good luck in the upcoming clan war and all events in general for TC ;D
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