Nathan's Reflections #19 - Polish Pride!
Greetings hi, Nathan greets you! Welcome back to my 19th reflections after around 6 months of a break. The break may not be over quite yet though.. as i am writing this for the reason of the first CS:GO Major in Poland, my own predictions and yeah.. maybe a little bit of reflection and analyzation of what happened in ESL Cologne this year. Nathan's Reflections were always mine, and always will be. Not giving them away to anyone anytime soon. This is based on my theories and my opinions, and.. this release is just a proof that this series is not dead. This series will continue after BETA. And i will probably do one after the Major. Boys! Lads! And also for any BIG Fans of the CSGO Competitive scene i have a big surprise and a little project that is supposed to be nothing but true pleasure! Stay tuned to get to know what it is. Yes, it is something to do with the PGL Major!!! I am super hyped for it, i hope we will get as many people as we possibly can for it. It's gonna be the true fun stuff! Anyway, getting to the key-points.. i will talk about Virtus Pro, SK and possibly Cloud9. Yes, those three teams is what i am going to be focusing on tonight. Whenever you are reading this, hope you enjoy this article! Let's get roooooight into the fucking reflections. And not forgetting Stitum or ECO Rush here!!!
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Long rundown! Sad results.
So, here we are after ESL Cologne 2017.. wasn't something that was supposed to be recalled as a major this year. No, don't even think about it, it wasn't We will be having one official major in the land of Poland, but more of that later. ESL Cologne was one of those tournaments where you want to win and win and win each time you get into it, reason being is that its high in popularity after its first debut in 2014. Its something no fans of good counter-strike want to miss and its something that a lot of the pros will try their best to get into. Its the amount of points that you get on HLTV to rankup in the ladder and you can aquire that by winning such a tournament like ESL Cologne, not only that its prestigous the LANxess Arena is probably the best Arena made for those kind of events and the crowd part filled with people in the finals makes the adrenaline rush, just go and go. That is what the arena was designed for anyway. For the emotions to go through both the players and the fans. 
Talking about emotions and handling them. SK Gaming. Those guys are just more modest than you think in personality outside of that team hut. But inside, you can see coldzera's face full of discipline and motivation just pumped up to give everything he can into his mates and his friends to try to push them to their limits without appealing as harsh too much. Coldzera is just the man to motivate people and teach them, you can especially see him talking to taco all the way.. at all times giving tips and motivating. It's the kind of golden person you want to have on the team. He works magic. All those players work magic. Talking about magic and coldzera, here we are. 

Hey guys, whacha think about that? Seems like he just shut-down every player with that CZ! SK is that kind of a team where they feel the pressure, but they feel it in a way which pushes them over the limit while the less disciplined squads will always get pumped by them in a way where it will hurt them to somewhat of an extent. 
SK simply seem like they are breaking the rules of the game by not breaking them and making the best out of what they can do, it seems like nothing and no team can ever beat them. It's like you've beat the game, and nothing and no one will beat you cuz you've got the best stats, in this case.. you've got the best and the most disciplined and determined players in the entire world. The brazilians that simply work magic, and mark my words. They will come out of their cage as again. If not this time, then the next time. What can really beat them? No one is sure that it's even possible, but we shall see. Humans can over-estimate themselves during a huge period of time where they are in the centre of attention which all of them need to simply strive for the ultimate success.
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Let's talk about Cloud9 shall we? After VP have lost their game at the very beginning, i've lost all the hope for watching the tournament for the quarter finals, after that i've started watching the tournament again and i have decided that i will cheer for our NA group. I love Stewie, i love n0thing and i love everybody else from them. n0thing is just one of those people u gotta love, i mean.. he is a great person with a great heart and a huge huge passion for the game not talking about the experience that he overall has. He has won it in the last round of the semi-finals against Na'Vi. Also, Yung Stew.. i also love him, he is the guy with a great sense of humour and a great playstyle that i, myself can relate to. Those guys are just amazing at what they do, after they've lost in the finals they all bumped each other fist bumps for the purity of respect that they have for the opponents and as they have for each other.

Two asians are better than one!
Oh my days, yes.. Autimatic is probably the person i adore in C9 as well, he is a modest person within.. and a lot of the players underestimate how he really plays. This is a great tribute to the GLAWKS action that he made against NiP. I mean, how can you not love the guy and his playstyle. I really hope C9 will win a big tournament with this lineup, they so so deserve it for the work that they put in, you can also see how they are having fun doing what they are doing, even when loosing a game against a team like SK.. they were prepared for what they were prepared, ya know. I want to see more from that squad in the very near future hopefully.    
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NA Pride - Cloud9

Yes, i love Superstitum, he is a new youtuber but he pays attention to almost all of his fans, no matter how much he grows. Also, he has a great talent for syncing audio with the video! And all of his stuff is very entertaining now, enjoy his work. Also, the songs he picks are just sexy. And the scenes he picks are just the best of the best. Again, subscribe to him if you haven't already, he pust a great amount of work into all he does. He is a great guy after all.
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True polish pride!
How do i divide this now, i mean.. hey. I simply jumped in the air when i first got the news in early 2017 that it is going to be happening. A Major in Krakow, a major in Krakow!! Heyy, thats pretyy damn goood. I mean hey, Krakow probably one of the most beautiful cities when it comes to urban Poland, great heritage.. the main square in the city centre is just stunning. I was there once. But to ever think that we are going to have a major there? Nope! Talking more about PGL.. from what we know them for.. is having the cool camera angles at the beginning of every rounds.. i think they are the founders of that.. anyway. Valve gave them a chance to have a major here in the heart of Poland, and what can be more exciting than that fact itself! Snax from Virtus Pro, its his home town!! I mean that guy is going to give in his heart and soul towards everything he is going to do there. We are going to see a VP that we probably didnt see before, yes.. you can say whatever the fuck you want after Cologne, but fuck y'all haters coming straight from the underground. Just kidding, think what ya want.. Vp is going to show what true passion and patience and friendship and brotherly loove can give in to the game. Just wait for it gents and ladies! Why did VP loose in Cologne? Well, they had a unique playstyle which didn't work. Thats it, anyway. The major is going to start this Sunday.. and is going to continue until the 23rd which is Sunday week. Anyway its going to be going on for exactly a week.
And hey, now its time for the great news that i have for y'all.

Alright i've got a little event going on for the major.. i want y'all to cheer with me and others! All of us MTA players and CSGO Esports enthusiasts, i want y'all to get together for us to cheer for our favourite teams on the major. I am going to make a skype group with all of you that want to get in, all you gotta do is write down here your name for skype and i will add ya then! You can start buying drinks and popcorn already! If at least 5 people will be interested, we will make it a thing! So, give us your skype nickname below and i will add you to the group by tomorrow. You are free to join whichever stage you want to.. it will be active from the group stage way up until the finals! Hopefully we will get people interested.
So yeah, hopefully that will become a thing. 

never forget ECO RUSH!
I didnt realize how long this article is already. Well, these are my final words for this article. Hopefully you'll join me on the trip to cheer for your favourite team in the major, hell if you are a fan of e-sports in general you might like this action, its a good chance for people to get to know each other and merge together in order for us to be in a better relation. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little article now. I hope you are hyped up for the major! I'll see ya all in the Skype Group.
Add me in the skype group. Also very nice clutch from autamatic :^) cant wait for pgl!
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The success behind Cloud9 in Cologne was, in my opinion, thanks to Shroudy. The ammount of clutches, the ammount of important rounds he had, that was something beautiful to watch. And that's coming from someone who criticized him for his lack of performance. He really wanted to win Cologne, he clutched impossible rounds, lots of 1v3s and 1v2s. You think you won a round when you are 3v1? Bullshit bro, Shroud is alive. The Cloud9 in Cologne was something awesome to watch and I hope that they will play like this at the major aswell. Please make it happen, get Cloud9 out of groups! <3 Add me too topkek
this clutch was smth amazin
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bump, need at least 2-3 more peeps.. would be great
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Yo, add me in the group m8
skype: prestige-b
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