[DM] Cookie ft. #SlipknoT - ✫ Enchanting 2 ✫

Created by RiseR

RRecords Presents:

Enchanting 2 is so good! Challenging part that 2 wheels part! Overall looks like enchanting 1. Which is good obviously. but i like this Version more. Good job you 2.

Recorder: Rise[R]
Editor: Rise[R]

Music : Phuture Noize ft. Snowflake - Breathin' (Official HQ Preview)


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I think the original wheels would be better. Cool edit!

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The map is quite good, the editing is... let's talk about that.
I love the preview , it's enough cool for the map that i'm gonna see, but when the map starts... min 1:00 ??? what just happened to the song? Is like youtube modified that part for copyright, but that's nonsense because in the next parts when she's gonna say the same words the part isn't modified, so i'm gonna thinking that you put that modify on that. My question is WHY? It ruins the fucking tonality of the song and after that i needed to take a pause to the video , because i was so hyped at the start and then i lost everything when i saw that part. About the drops of the song you could add some more effect pumping up the bass of this hardcore song, because it's the best thing you can do for increase the interest of a viewer. Keep working on that, i'm really disappointed with you D:

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