CarmY - Skilled Cabbie

Created by CarmY

I know , not this n0b CarmY again!!
This time the n0b is back with some sort of skilly map , Skilled freaking Cabbie!
I did this map as a tribute to 3 legends , Saymen,PsycoTye and Deadline!
I'd like to thank you ShuX for this amazing Job , Lovely quality!!

◘ Chipy's skype; juan.videla314
◘ ShuX's skype: 2profgamers
►Song: ◘Illenium - Reverie (feat. King Deco) [Image: modify_inline.gif]

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As i can see there's a reminder of the old skilled cabbie, with the new style made by the new mappers of this period, simply and quite strange (probably one of the most smooth combinations for a map), gj! About the record i didn't saw nothing special , just few effects and a really awful cut at 2:25 that coud be just avoid by adding some special fx (but the song was too smooth for do that) or by replaying the part with the editor and record the ghost do the part , for avoid the cut and create anyways a cool content. Keep working on that!

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