The Crew Shooter Open Challenge Registration
The Crew reserves the right to change the rules. If there is a game that is going to be held and rules will be changed, we are obliged to inform the opponent about the affair.
By posting a clan war request against us you agree to use our rules, however it is possible to negotiate the rules for a particular game with us either privately or in the public thread you posted to challenge us. 

- Only players named on the list are allowed to play.
- Any kind of insult or provocation will not be tolerated. Restrain from doing so otherwise you will be muted.
- Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) or any other program that may affect the gameplay is strictly forbidden.
- In case of a draw, there will be two extra maps played, each team picks one map.
- Clan with last surviving player(s) will get the point.
- If you keep staying (camping) on suitable objects to kill the opponent for longer than one minute, your vehicle will be blown.
- In case a player times out before the map starts, we will wait for the player for five minutes, if the player has not come back, we will re-play and continue the match.
- In case a player times out during the map, we will continue playing.
- FPS: Minimum - 30. Maximum - 50.
- Ping: Maximum - 270.

If you want to challenge us, you must use the following clan war format, otherwise we will not take it in consideration:

Clan name:
Contact details:
Date and time:

[TAG] players

[TAG] reserves

[TAG] maps (you can only choose between Tobster - The Castle; Tobster - Kamikaze; PREDATOR - Phenomenal; Lucky Shot; Monster - King of The World; Adidas - Burst; Nigga feat pApi - Lucky Shot II; SprayCan - Fallen Legend; Pustoy - Red World; Mazda - Sunlight)

The Crew Shooter Open Challenge organizers,
M4RT1N and SprayCan.
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