The Crew Shooter Open Challenge
Since no clans want to battle us I've decided to start a little project called "The Crew Shooter Open Challenge".

What is this challenge? Well it's quite simple. Any form of team/clan can challenge us. After making an appropriate registration. (Post will be updated when registrations are open)

Where will this take place? 
The Crew's Shooter Clan War Server.

What Are the Rules?
Standard Shooter clan war rules.
Example: 270 maximum ping, 20 rounds, no spawnkilling, each team picks 5 maps from our map pool.

Yes there are prizes although to be decided yet but they can go from badges to in-game rewards when our server releases.

The referees can be discussed with me or M4RT1N but 1 referee will allways be from The Crew, as I said standard clan war rules.

(will be added soon)

Only on weekends with 1 week between each match for practice and blow off steam.

Team Size. 
5 main player 3 reserves
1 obligatory captain.

Any additional info contact me on Skype: eddoomjr

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I'd be glad to play shooter CWs with you, but I need to train a bit ( I'm not that bad in shooter )
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