Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

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Hey guys. I'm back with another video, which took me a lot due to lack of time and inability to work with my PC. Yeah, I have finally finished it and ready to present you. I'd like also to mention that I will reduce my recording queue and start making videos only for my mates and teammates. So let's move on. This video took me a few weeks, to be honest. But the lack of time just destroyed everything. First of all I'd like to say sorry to @Mower, who waited so long and was really patient as hell. I hope that video worth it! I've tried to give this video a bit of it's own Star Wars theme but with a note of own edit style. I hope that you will like this video and it's edit and I will see a lot of positive feedback! I'd like to give a thanks for the actors who took a part in this video. These guys are @Tccho & @DRiVeR . Thank you for helping me with making these clips and scenes. About the map. I can clearly say that it's the best map which was based on something with universe, star wars, star ships and so on. It's amazingly decorated map! I liked the style, the weather, song, scripts, track, just everything. This is a great replacement of first Star Wars map. Sequel got the best result and decorations for it's theme. These two guys spent a long time and did a hard work on this map. It trully deserves 100 likes and more than 3000 of views instantly. Track is not even buggy and well done, decorations are just perfect. Nothing more to say. Didn't expect than @Cookie can map good, hue. @Mower is also wanted me to mention such guys as @Mirage@iRaven and @gr0x for helping him with scripts and else stuff. Thanks goes to @AnTi-Z ,@Winside and @NitroN too. So here we are guys. Leave a like and subscribe! Hope you will like our 


• A Star Wars Story (Theme Song) - Soundtrack Rogue One
• Star Wars - The Force Theme (DJ AG Remix)



• Infernus mode by NoHear (private for Reflex TV)
• AUDI A7 from NitroN's Led Lights pack v3 (Requested by Miketz)
• Ultrathing 0.29a by Plooders


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Well done with the editing as always (maybe there's too much smoothness ,because of the blur) , everything is concerned to the map, and the map even if in some parts should be mapped well, it's really a good one! Keep it up guys!
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