[DM]GuilhermE ft. Spectrum ft. Rage# ft. MeH - Surface III

Created by Rage#

I want to present to you: Surface III
Hope you enjoy!

Video by Relax, special thanks to him!

Support his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCha5VJM...ig3K1N4S2w
[Image: XJmHVHi.png]

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The map is in some parts good, in other part it should be mapped well , about the decos... well they're just too wrong for that kind of map, in a totally darker theme in the background. About the video , the song is imo completely wrong , because everyone should turn around the "darker" atmosphere created in the map , so i was gonna choose a song that describes the evilness of this map, or the sadness if you want to change it (but the map is quite spicy , so it's good place a badass song that let you understand that this isn't a normal map , but has a meaning behind). Another imprecision of the video is the presence of the blur while the car was accelerating , well it ruins the complexity of the map, and the view for the people that comes to see the video for know the map.
Hope i was kinda helpful for you , so the next time you won't do the same mistakes.
 Peace , your best critic

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