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DJ KHALE.... DJ SPRAYCAN! 10/10 on xiMusic soon babes! Big Grin

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Wow, considered making this comment eralier but I am determined to make it now. During the first few days I wasn't sure what I would await out of TC. Seeing the full Discover TC.... just makes my curiousity to jump out and know more about it. I guess only time will tell. What I really wanted to say is that the "Music" system.... is precisly what the MTA community needed. Seeing that kind of effort that @'TC|Xiti went thorugh, makes me think that we can anticipate more... unbelievable things. My best wishes to the future of TC. Blush
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I didn't saw anything of the server, so i'm like someone of you guys that comes to the forum and saw the discover TC , i'm gonna be serious. Xiti is working really nicely (even if he took too much time , but it seems to be a good thing , since what he does is perfect or almost perfect), i can't imagine the community that with me is waiting for all this time this server coming play with me into that ,it's gonna be a fantastic moment , i'm considering this server the home of our clan  ,because for our team ,TC isn't only a brand that people recognize as a clan tag, TC is a family and the people who's inside this clan , just work for be this family living in the best way (ofc in the way they can help). I'm gonna personally stay tuned for news from CEO's about the server and i can't wait to test it on my own!

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Good job

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