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Vodkafairy is back. - Vodkafairy - 03-31-2019

Hello TC Gaming people!

It's not first time I introduce myself (maybe last one was in 2016), but let it go ahead. My name is Ofer Nadav and I am twenty-one (21) years old. I was born and raised in Bulgaria (Sofia) and have an excellent knowledge with web-development. I have progressed through positions of leader, web-developer and a few more insignificant ranks. I began my MTA 'career' in DTR (Down Town Racers) servers which only some of very old DD players would remember. I have always been skilled at bringing people together and working towards common goals. My experience successfully leading teams and managing websites led me to consider administration, and I have been building a career as a web-developer for the last two years.  

Also, I am not using skype anymore, If you wish, you can add me on Discord - Vodkafairy#0838

RE: Vodkafairy is back. - Zmany - 03-31-2019

Welcome back mate !

RE: Vodkafairy is back. - Sareth - 03-31-2019

Welcome Smile

RE: Vodkafairy is back. - ALAMM - 04-01-2019

welcome back uwu

RE: Vodkafairy is back. - Cherrys - 04-21-2019

I doubt you remember me but welcome back anyway!

RE: Vodkafairy is back. - Louis - 04-22-2019