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#DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - sEEk - 01-17-2017

Here you can discuss, give feedback and ask things related to our discoveries. Keep in mind that we won't give out any more details in this topic than what's supposed to be showed in the #Discover campaign.

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - RiseR - 01-18-2017

I liked how day 1 and day 2 got achieved very well to the peeps. Can't wait till i see more of them. And for sure excited on the 7th day ( the beta date reveal ).

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - Mazda - 01-18-2017

I really cannot wait to play PowerDD, since I've never played it with a lot of players in the room. It should be really fun and innovative!

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - SprayCan - 01-18-2017

Power DD was awesome when I first played it
you can literaly play any race gamemode in it, mixed with DD it's amazing.... aaaand produces alot of funny moments with ghost. Big Grin

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - Nao.# - 01-19-2017

I don't like DD because its boring but this powerDD is interesting and can be fun Smile

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - RiseR - 01-19-2017

Hmm day 4 can be interesting hehe. Wanna see your guys reaction tonight Wink

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - RiseR - 01-19-2017

White clouds is my favorite Big Grin!

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - Zmany - 01-19-2017

Well, i prefer Blue Grey, but all of them are great :3

RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - SprayCan - 01-19-2017


RE: #DiscoverTheCrew Discussion Thread - Lisa_ - 01-19-2017

I'm touched this! Good job.