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crosshair for guns & aerial vehicles

have fun and if you have any questions ask me below.
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Yes it works Cakes, use this site for crosshairs instead,
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2 years ago

have fun and if you have any questions ask me below.
i expected easier maps from a shooter based player , whoever from all these i only like defender & x-games :P
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2 years ago
1.75 GB

ADVICE : clear your map resources every month, this will help you play smoothier and keep your fps drop chances lower

sad to hear your cw was cancelled , very nice interview from a really interesting person & very cool collage riser , you re the best in editing & making such stuff :P</p>
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2 years ago
tbh this remake thing was one of their worst updates for many reasons.The first and most important is that players who have slow pc load in 4th minute which will result in a remake and you will lose lp & get restricted because your pc loads slow,the other thing is that if youre teammate disconnects in 7th minute,pretty much early so you cant remake even tho you didnt gave any kill on them. Lastly, this gets quite annoying because oftenly you will get someone who didnt reconnect quite fast and you will do remake to secure that you wont lose any points.

PS : i have had a game that we did 3 games in a row remake, which means like ~15-20 minutes until i play into the f*cking game.
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2 years ago
tbh, i didnt expect such things from tc and i considered as a dead community, but after some talk i had with martin & wade they mentioned me Discover which i found a great idea, and as far i see the community will go really good, TC was known for race events and the race squad it self, shooter too, now they are having a strong DD one aswell. Cant wait to finally play in the server. Good luck also in the guys who are beta testers, hope they give their best and find as many bugs as they can to make official release be smoothly. Lastly, great TCN News & also good luck in the cw you have against SoV , i heard they are good so it will be an intense cw
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3 years ago
Looks like he didnt put much effort on this one,but atleast he made a proper map finally.Good record riser
Hello guys,since i have never seen any tutorial about changing the crosshair in guns,but in aerial vehicles aswell such as hunter & hydra i decided to make a tutorial long time ago and i wanted to share it with you.