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RE: Art for TCN - Submit here!
You like anime ... I guess?


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left a reply on RE: Xmas Surprise!
8 months ago
Cool design, Merry christmas!
[Image: EBbBpzY.png]
I cant really describe how much I did enjoy reading this, I like how it is written and structured, a great job done by you Nathan!
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left a reply on RE: RIP Tzuyu
1 year ago
Rest in peace. It is becoming so sad that people from MTA community are passing away, but it's the life rule. :(
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1 year ago
Well written TCN as always, I don't read long articles usually, but your words are an exception! Thanks for your effort!

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dusky ky.. congratz bro
Congratz darkyz, u deserve being there in the team.

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1 year ago
You like anime ... I guess?


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left a reply on RE: Problems
2 years ago
I do agree that Ping issue is so annoying in shooter (as a CTF lover)
one more thing that is annoying is the guys who keep complaining about ground killing, for me I see ground killing is more skilled than jumping (opinion)
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2 years ago
Again, great news and a well written report.
Good job Nathan, I really appreciate your work. I really enjoy reading TCN, because the way how they're written, and of course the effort you put in it.