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Hello, ( it's me.... )
My real name is João Luis. Some of you may know me ( or may not ) as: " Rage# ". And I were and will be again a mapper. I play mta for like 6 ~ 7 years, but I haven't played it for like 4 months, kinda.. and I decided to come back. I'm a former member of TC ( kinda, because it was when vip turned into tc and all that stuff you guys know.. ), so yeah.. small introduction but heh.. Any questions, ask down below.. Yup see you in-game.

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TC vs FuckN DD clan war? When?
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2 years ago
Good TCNews you've made here and I'm speechless about the commentary you have made about us. FoXX Family and me are grateful about it!

We have been up since 2008, and we don't plan stopping now, or this year, of course not. We want to build a position at the top, like every clan wants. We are not simply a clan, we are a family and a family always stays united. Thanks once again Nathan! With the permission of Nathan I'm going to share here our forum, if you want to access FoXX forum click here.
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2 years ago
shitmap kthxbye

Thanks for recording it gorex! <3
I want to present to you: Surface III
Hope you enjoy!


Video by Relax, special thanks to him!

Support his channel:
Good news! Nice thread Natham, good work.
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3 years ago
Congratulations to the new boys!
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left a reply on RE: Introducing myself
3 years ago
Cuntic <3
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3 years ago
Essence of Speed will win TTW.
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left a reply on RE: The Crew news #19
3 years ago
Good speech Simas! It is indeed, very sadly what happened this week, it was an awful week for the whole world. So let's respect. 
Good luck for the tournament!
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left a reply on RE: Letter game
3 years ago