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Show - My Clanwar Script !
Hey there TC Community , 
What's up ? i hope you are all fine !
Well , as you might noticed in the title , today i want to show my clanwar script that i've been working on for not a short period ,
without introductions , Here is some few pictures about it ; also some commands that i have done for it to make as easier as possible for the referees during the clanwar Smile ( khe english )

[Image: p_5626e37u1.jpg]
[Image: p_562u0i6m1.png]
Now let's go to commands 
 [lua]- /ap to add point for each team , 1 = home team , 2 = Enemy Team

- /rp to remove point(s) for each team , 1 = home team , 2 = Enemy Team

- /addmap to add maps for maps left

- /removemap to remove maps from maps left

- /stn [team id] [team name] (setting the team name).

- /stc [team id] (setting the team color).

- /ap [team id] (adds 1 point for the team).

- /dp [team id] (removes 1 point for the team).

- /sp [team id] [amount] (sets the team points).

- /rp (resets the points for both teams).
and for clanwar state , there is :
state waiting
state starting
state running
state paused
state finished
So ? Do you like it ? Is it worth that much effort ? Answer me below in comment section ! 
peace !
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2 weeks ago
Second ;-;
i Don't like to read long books, but i love reading long TCNs
awesome effort Nathan (y)
{$username} avatar
1 year ago
REST IN PEACE , Tzuyu ":(
{$username} avatar
1 year ago
Good luck both teams, i hope it won't end like it the last one , gotta see this cw !
{$username} avatar
1 year ago
as far as i remember , the last one was in the last 2017 summer
lets have fun :p
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1 year ago
Well written Nathan , 69
ommmmmag darkyz
nice TCN , nathan
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1 year ago
would look awesome as a mobile-app intro !! GJ
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left a reply on RE: How was your day?
1 year ago
today i discovered how much hater do i have
so it's a good day x)