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RE: The Crew News #60 - Artistic
Congratulation to everyone who got accepted as a trial member, and thanks for the given opportunity to prove us as worthy trials.
Awesome news as always Nathan well done, really enjoyed reading it! also congratz to #60 Smile
Also Arrow you did an amazing job with your v4 it is a map worth of the name map of the season.
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1 year ago
Lovely map well done :)
As always well written News Nathan, I really enjoyed reading it!
Also Congratulations to our new Trials I hope you'll enjoy your time with us <3
It's actually been alot of fun playing this map with both of you ^^
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1 year ago
1) My real name is Tim
2) I used to be called Tim|GAMER| in MTA
3) I easily loose motivation for mapping
4) I live in germany, cologne
5) I have a beard everyone likes
6) I am stupid
7) My reallife friends call me fuckboy and asshole infront of girls I like / used to like so that they won't go out with me
8) I love my friends because I do the same when they have a girl they like
9) I mostly stay at home
10) I forgot what I look like without a beard
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1 year ago

(01-10-2018, 15:16), DUSK Wrote:
so first of all, awesome record dude!

Second of all, I'm not a fan of this map at all because of the lack of decoration and effort he put in. Short track and maybe 20 seconds of the track is decorated, would you add a blacksky and some hardstyle/trap music would it fit into the "blacksky" clichee perfectly and I know how Tim hates these type of maps.
I hope the second volume of this series won't be that bad, atleast try to decorate the whole map, cause you are one of the mappers with talent and future, just saying.
well you do know alot about me and my mapping stuff. I plan on making this series with many different styles the next one could be night style for example, and I wanted to make this one something like OS thats why there isnt that much decoration. I hope you understand it honey :*
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1 year ago
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left a reply on RE: Goodbye Flare
1 year ago
Flare, I wish you best of luck for your future. Stay as you are and keep heading forward! we surely will miss you, maybe we gonna play some LoL this season? ;)
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1 year ago
Ok, hey guys.
This map was supposed to be a feat request to KnOwN but he declined it and I just found it again (this map is about 1 year old I guess).
For this map I would like to have 1 or 2 partners obviously I would help and continue the decoration in my part.



Song : Atlas Genius - Molecules
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1 year ago
Hey hey, hope you'll enjoy your stay at our community m8.