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Hajapa, Hajapa, Hajapa!
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Some of you might be heard about Hajapa word or Hajapa Family, or saw Hajapa team in TG server.
Alright, today i'm gonna introduce Hajapa, Hajapa Family and who's in, and where did this word came from.
To beggining with, Hajapa is a word that has no meaning, and its story is simple. One day in 2014 in Tyfus Racers clan chat in skype with @Mazda and @M4RT1N and @Mousy and @Darkyz and @Raven, we were talking about "Hijab: It is a muslim women's dress" and while we were talking, i unintentionally wrote Hajapa instead of Hijab by mistake, everyone laughed, and from that moment until now, whenever they see me they say Hajapa!. It's a short story, isn't it ? 
Anyways, the Hajapa word has spread among people because many people heard it until i created a small team called Hajapa Family with Mazda, Raven, Mousy, M4RT1N and Darkyz.
We started to expand more and more until people began asking us how to join Hajapa team. After that, we decided to open a group in skype and bring new flesh and blood,
[Image: oIRIaJG.jpg]
 we continued expanding more until we reached 20+ member, then i decided to open another section of Hajapa but in Whatsapp
[Image: CRCsRnt.jpg]
We reached 35+ member in whatsapp group, and lastly i opened a Discord server and it's public, everyone can join it using this link :
In the end, I'm really happy with our friendship, i'm also happy with what we have provided and i hope we will continue to do so.
"Note: Hajapa Family is just a team, not a clan"

[Image: 8hCdu45.png]
  • Zmany "Hajapa Owner"
  • Mazda "Hajapa Co-Owner"
  • Raven 
  • Boudi "Hajapa leader" 
  • Mousy  "Hajapa Co-leader"
  • Darkyz "Hajapa Co-leader"
  • Equinox
  • nuRd "Hajapa Assistant"
  • Nathan "Hajapa Assistant"
  • Nissan "Hajapa Assistant"
  • Heibara
  • Rapist
  • Zoomy 
  • Dubst3p
  • MaZeN
  • ToSeR
  • Dmastah
  • PWNZ
  • Krazy
  • Case
  • Roddy
  • Fatal 
  • Nigay aka Kxmiy
  • Inder
  • Reflict
  • box91
  • SemiSun
  • MaDa
  • SaR
[Image: h4vMnno.png]
[Image: kcqVsog.jpg]
[Image: QD1X2Hd.jpg]
[Image: EbDgqmV.jpg]

Hajapa Song

The singer : Mazda
The editor : Zmany
Uploaded on Toser's youtube channel
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4 weeks ago
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5 months ago
Wish you the best in your real life generally, and in your new job specially. @'TC|Nathan
I hope to see new exciting things what will bring back the JOY into the game again.
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5 months ago
Canceled as requested.
The clanwar has ended with a score 9-11 in favor of rG.
i would like to thank rG for taking a part in this match, and i hope we play again in the future! 
Special thanks to TurBo for refereeing this match.
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6 months ago
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6 months ago
The clanwar between The Crew Gaming and Nitrous Racing ended with a score 11 9 in favor of The Crew.
I would like to thank Nitrous Racing for being our opponent in today's clanwar, it was a legendary clanwar that took us to the old good shooter days :) . (Nostalgia) 
Special thanks to Tobster for being the referee of the match!