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RE: 3 beta keys contest
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Why I can't like my own post? rip
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left a reply on RE: RIP Tzuyu
1 year ago
Rest in peace Harris, hope you're doing well wherever you are now.
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left a reply on RE: Goodbye Flare
2 years ago

(11-09-2017, 18:26), Flare Wrote:
Timbo - My pedobear. Haha was really funny with you, eventhough you wanted to rape me o.o
You can't escape, I am always behind you watching from the bushes till the final moment arrives. MUHAHAHA
Good bye :c
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left a reply on RE: Happy bday NesoN!
2 years ago
happy birthday nesonboi
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2 years ago
[Image: 8p8piVX.jpg]

Why I can't like my own post? rip
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2 years ago
I remember you as a cool guy when we were together in EPG. Enjoy your stay here bro. :)
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3 years ago
Good job girls, sadly I wasn't able to come :c

(Turn the music on)

That moment you wait together with Pierre and Flo for this post around 3 hours. You keep looking what Simas is doing in the "WHO'S ONLINE" list all the time.. And you keep waiting and waiting and waiting.. Finally you see the post, but there are no updates for the DM Team. 


P.S. Nothing
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3 years ago
Old but Gold <3

For the  of old music :).