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[DM] Zebra volume 1 - Unseen Nature
[DM] Norbi volume 5 - Empathy
[DM] NitroN feat Sealine - Impel Down
[DM] Fakedeath volume 8 - Speed Run III
[DM] Quantum volume 2 - Time 2 Shine

Registration has been approved.
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Wazer and Athenian want to play!
Good luck .
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1 year ago
Next time add me to the winning team please.
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1 year ago

(04-13-2018, 17:25), Chaos Wrote:
count me in
You have a clanwar to watch nibba...
Good luck in the Lucky Seven, looking for a good match :)
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2 years ago
Well written news, PiA is thankful for your kindness :heart:!
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left a reply on RE: Maniacs - CSGO
3 years ago
I love the edits, but(!) you may not agree with me but the video is "too-edited" or how to say that... I mean you can not see the player actually plays. Must praise the great intro btw, well done :)
I am really happy for my mate, iRampage. He sends his gratitude for sharing his map!
And... In the 36th time you success again, well done.
Thank you guys, great news. Elite Players truly appreciate that! TC members will be always welcomed into our community.
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3 years ago
You are great!
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3 years ago
Mystic, my friend, fabulous v1, well designed and nicely mapped.