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RE: The Crew News #73 - Birthday Team
Thanks for the opportunity guys, I will try not to disappoint you, also congratulations to others. Good news by the way.
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1 year ago
Thanks for the opportunity guys, I will try not to disappoint you, also congratulations to others. Good news by the way.
First of all.. You could be grateful because we let shenox be referee, he couldn't be referee he has a join request for your clan aswell, just like Marque, we didn't say shenox couldn't be referee even though it would totally rightful if we had said that.

Blaming our server is not the most appropriate act you can do, you just need to accept the loss, it isn't that hard. After the clanwar some of our members started blaming our members without reason, or the reason was that you lost. NTL wasn't the only clan which was spraying during the clanwar, TC sprayed aswell even though some of our sprays weren't counted, some of yours weren't either.

Blaming the referees is totally disrespectful because they were doing a good job or atleast they were trying to do their best for you and for us as well, they are humans of course they can make mistakes, it's fully acceptable. Accept the loss guys, it's just a game, it's not worth it. This game and all the games don't deserve that much to fight with other players. We didn't cry that much because of the loss, we were speechless even though we lost, you were doing good job in the both clanwar, you made nice come-backs which is appreciatable but we are not going to continue with this "fight". I said before it wasn't worth it. Your blaming, crying & verbal abusing is totally wrongful, you just have to accept it guys, we don't want anything wrong for you, we didn't do it against you but for you.

About winning unfair way, let's blame nTL really.. Stop calling us girls. You also got pee break.. Of course you didn't feel comfortable on the server because it wasn't yours.

But wait.. Let's think.. What happened on your server? Darkay fixed daster without reason, okay we got the point or something like that but did our members fix themselves or used admin right inappropriate ? Some of our players stayed logged-in and he "talked" by pressing accidentally a button and they wrote idiot & ridicolous smiles, but as soon as we saw it we said them to logout. I don't see your problems, stop blaming.

Also we don't need to give our CW server 1 week before the clanwar. Actually you can blame us by every shit reason. I just can repeat stop fighting and just accept this.. It isn't that hard.
Might nTL isn't the best in map-choosing but we will try not to disappoint you by organizing. Anyways, I hope it will be an awesome, close, enjoyable & enthralling clanwar. It is our second clanwar against you, we did some mistakes in the first one but I can promise we will not do the same like we did before. We do hope it will be one of the best clanwar in the histroy of TC and nTL as well. We hope all of you will enjoy the clanwar.
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started new topic SkreePy's intorduction
3 years ago
Hello 'TC| Community!
If you want to know something about me, read this.

~ About Myself

You can find me in-game as SkreePy, my real name is Zoltán. I born at 17.11.2000. I live in Pécs, Hungary with my family in family house. I have one brother. My hobbies are playing computer games and cycling. I like hanging out with my friends. I like listening to music. I think that I'm kind, friendly, helpful and funny. I have 2 maps. I like sleeping. I don't really like to admit my mistakes, but when it's need i do it. I'm maximalist. I like travelling. I have an AM driving license ( This license is give you permission to drive scooter). I have a scooter ( I fell with this.) In this year I'll start 10th class at Széchenyi Istvan Highschool in this year. If i grow up I might be policeman.
My favourite quite:
Quote:,,What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Peace & Respect
Best regards, SkreePy
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3 years ago

I hope you like it!